DStv Kenya Packages And Subscription Prices

DStv Kenya Packages And Subscription Prices – Compare DStv Kenya Packages

Here is a complete guide about DStv Kenya packages and subscription prices.

We do receive a lot of messages from our brother and sister in Kenya seeking the subscription prices for each DStv packages in Kenya.

Therefore, we have gathered all that in this post.
By the end of this article, you will know how many channels each package has the bouquet subscription price and more.

DStv has extended its services rampantly on the Africa continent. Today they are in every country in Eastern Africa, and as you know, nothing bypasses Kenya and that is why DStv exists.

In Kenya, from one house to another, Multichoice is a domestic necessity, and every home has a DStv.

It is not magic that Multichoice is so famous in Kenya; their secret is customer satisfaction. DStv Kenya has everything that brings entertainment to the home.

If we want to talk about DStv Kenya, it will take all of our time. Since our primary focus is on their subscription prices for each package or bouquet, let us move quickly.

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List Of Available Bouquet On DStv Kenya

DStv has numerous packages that suit everyone in Kenya, irrespective of your pocket size. Even with the smallest pocket, DStv in Kenya got you covered.

Their bouquet comes with the best tv category from news, movies, sports, documentaries, and many more.

Below is the list of all DStv packages or bouquet for Kenya:

1. DStv Kenya premium bouquet

2. DStv Kenya compact plus

3. DStv Compact bouquet

4. DStv Kenya family package

5. DStv Access package for Kenya

6. DStv Indian bouquet Kenya

That was the full list of DStv bouquets available in Kenya.

Now, you know the available packages on DStv Kenya, so let see how much each bouquet cost.

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Payment Prices For DStv Packages In Kenya

Are you looking forward to paying for your DStv in Kenya? But wait! Do you know how much each bouquet cost?

Let me show you.

Paying for DStv has always been much easier due to numerous payment options available, but what bouquet are you paying for.

When you pay for any of the DStv bouquets, you are entitled to an unlimited viewing for 30days.

Each of the bouquets has a different price you pay each month, and should you choose a package to pay, you must know what you get.

Remember, payment and pricing for DStv subscription are all in Kenya’s local currency, i.e., Shillings(KES).

Here are the prices for each DStv package in Kenya:

  • DStv premium subscription price in Kenya is Ksh 7,370.
  • The price of the Compact plus bouquet in Kenya is Ksh 4,420.
  • If you want to pay for Compact in Kenya, it cost Ksh 2,455.
  • For the DStv Family package in Kenya, its subscription price is Ksh 1,180.
  • DStv Access price is Ksh 885 in Kenya.
  • DStv Indian bouquet cost Ksh 3,930.

Those are how much you pay for each DStv package subscription in Kenya.

You have seen how much you pay for each DStv bouquet in Kenya, but isn’t it crucial to know how many channels you get for each package?

Read below to find out.

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The Number Of Channels Available On Each Package

Usually, you must know how much you get for the amount you are paying and its contents.

Fortunately, DStv has every Kenya at heart. They have made it possible for even the low-income earners to have the opportunity to owe or afford a DStv decoder.

The interesting thing is that since many DStv subscribers in Kenya love to sort, Multichoice has added sports channels to each of their packages in Kenya.

Below are the number of channels you get on each DStv Kenya package:

DStv Premium Bouquet In Kenya

DStv premium in Kenya offers you 160 plus tv channels, including radio stations. It gives you the full package of DStv Kenya.

With DStv premium, you can access unlimited sports, news, movies, documentaries, and many more.

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DStv Compact Plus Package In Kenya

With the compact plus package in Kenya, you enjoy nothing but the best movies, sports, and other entertainment tv shows.

If you pay the DStv Compact plus package in Kenya, you get over 150 plus channels with uninterrupted viewing for 30days.

Within thirty (30) days, you can upgrade or downgrade to any packages if you wish.

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How Many Channels Are On DStv Compact Bouquet

When you pay for the Compact package in Kenya, you are entitled to over 140+ channels, including audio stations with unlimited subscriptions for 30days.

It has everything you bring fun to your home and keep the family smiling.

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How Many Channels Are Available On DStv Kenya Family Package

As the name suggests, if you need something to entertain your family, you need to subscribe to the Family bouquet on DStv Kenya.

With the Family bouquet on DStv Kenya, you get the best of your favorite channels of over 120 for as low as 1,180 Kes.

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How Many Channels Will I Get If I Subscribe For The Access Bouquet

With the DStv Access package being the least among all the other packages, it has mouthwatering premium content for ass low as 885 Kes.

There are over 110+ channels on the DStv Kenya Access package.

When you pay for Access a bouquet, it is also valid for 30days.

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How Many Indian Channels Are On DStv Kenya

There are over 15 Indian channels on DStv Kenya. It is very affordable and offers you the best of Hindi and Bollywood movies.

That is all you need to know about the DStv Kenya packages and subscription prices.

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