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What Is DStv Account Reconnection Fee – Check Multichoice Subscription Reconnection Charges

DStv reconnection fee

How Much You Pay For Reconnection

Are you a DStv subscriber in South Africa? Here is another with full details on what is DStv reconnection fee. Multichoice is the leading pay-tv giant in South Africa, offering pay-tv service to subscribers across the Africa continent for many years.

DStv offers pay-tv services on a prepaid basis, and once a customer fails to honor their subscription, their services will be disconnected.

However, in other Africa countries where multichoice operates, you will watch your DStv channels only when you have paid or have an active subscription on your account.

You can leave your decoder for as long as you want, and when you have paid, you can watch it.

Still, in South Africa, the parent country of Multichoice DStv subscribers is charged reconnection fees anytime they want to be reconnected after being disconnected.

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What Is Multichoice Reconnection Fee

The DStv reconnection fee is an amount of money subscribers pay to Multichoice to reconnect their accounts after a long period of being disconnected due to failure to pay their Multichoice subscription.

Therefore, you must be aware that if you are a DStv customer in SA, you should pay your subscription on time to avoid disconnection or penalty for late payment.

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How Much Is The DStv Reconnection Fee

The amount of money subscribers are supposed to pay an amount to Multichoice depends on what DStv will propose, but usually, the DStv reconnection fee is R50.

That is why it is imperative to reach out to DStv customer care and request how much you must pay as a reconnection fee for your account to be activated again.

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How Long Does DStv Take To Disconnect

Each DStv subscription is valid for 30days, and once your 30 days period is over, your account will be disconnected.

In other words, immediately after your DStv subscription has expired, your account will be disconnected.

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What You Must Do To Avoid DStv Reconnection Fee

Below are the things you must do if you do not want to pay reconnection to DStv:

1. Pay your DStv subscription before your subscription expired.

2. You can pay your Multichoice subscription in advance for as much as 12 months, and you will not need to worry about the reconnection fee.

3. Always switch on your DStv decoder when paying your subscription.

4. Regularly check your DStv due date to know when to pay your subscription.

That is all we have for you about the DStv reconnection fee.

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