DStv UEFA Champions League Guide

DStv UEFA Champions League 2021 Guide – Watch All UCL Matches Live On SuperSport

The UEFA Champions League is buzzing on DStv, and in today’s guide, we will give you guidelines on how to watch the UEFA Champions League live on DStv. You do not need to worry about the kind of package you have subscribed to. We got you covered.

The UEFA Champions League is the biggest club competition in European football history, and over the years, it has delivered everything the games produce.

If you are a football fan, you will agree with me that nothing is fascinating on a Champions League night than getting glued to your TV screen and watching every moment live.

As the years go by, the competition becomes tougher and tougher, producing new iconic players, exciting moments, controversies, dominance, rivalry, trolls, new champions, and more.

As the 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League is underway, you can not miss any games as all the big teams like FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and many others have added more quality to their squad.

So, this year’s UCL will be very interesting to watch, and if you are in Africa, it is time to get yourself a DStv decoder or pay your DStv subscription to watch all the UEFA Champions League matches live on Supersport.

However, if you already have a DStv decoder and an active subscription on your account, read below to know how to watch UEFA Champions League matches live on DStv.

Here is the DStv Champions League guide.

UEFA Champions League On DStv

Multichoice DStv has acquired the TV broadcast rights to show all the UEFA Champions League matches live on SuperSport on DStv. So, if you have an active subscription on your DStv account, you can watch UCL games live.

UEFA Champions League 2021

All matches in the UEFA Champions League will be live on SuperSport on DStv. But before you watch any of the matches, you must ensure you have an active subscription to the DStv Compact package and above.

UEFA Champions League 2021 Channel On DStv

The home of Champions League matches on DStv is the SuperSport Football Plus channel. It is available to all DStv Compact Plus and Premium subscribers. So, in 2021 you can watch UCL matches live on the SuperSport Football Plus channel.

Champions League Match On DStv Today

Today’s Champions League match will be broadcast live on the SuperSport Football Plus channel on DStv. So, ensure you have subscribed to the DStv Compact Plus and above to watch the match.

DStv UEFA Champions League Live Matches Schedule Today

The table below is a list of all Champions league matches that you can watch live on SuperSport on DStv today:

Match Time(GMT)Home TeamAway TeamSuperSport Channel
Young BoysSuperSport Premier League
16:45ZenitMalmo FFSuperSport Variety 1
19:00Bayern MunichDyn. KyivSuperSport Laliga
19:00BenficaBarcelonaSuperSport Premier League
SuperSport Variety 1
19:00Manchester Utd
SuperSport Football Plus
19:00SalzburgLilleSuperSport Action

SuperSport Variety 2

What Channel Number Is Champions League On DStv

Champions League is on DStv channels 225 & 205, which is the SuperSport Football Plus channel. It is dedicated to showing all UCL matches live on DStv.

Which DStv Packages Show Champions League

You can watch the Champions League on the following Day packages:

1. DStv Premium

2. DStv Compact Plus

3. DStv Compact

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DStv Champions League Channel 2021

Below are all the DStv Champions League 2021 channels:

1. SuperSport Football Plus

2. SuperSport Football

3. SuperSport Grandstand

4. SuperSport Variety channels

What Channel Is Showing Champions League On DStv

SuperSport Football Plus channel is showing Champions League matches live on DStv right now. You can switch to channels 225 or 205 on DStv and watch UCL matches live.

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Can I Watch Champions League On DStv Compact

Yes, DStv Compact shows Champions League live matches, but not all the games. If you don’t want to miss any Champions League game, better subscribe to DStv Compact Plus.

That is all we have for you in this DStv UEFA Champions League guide.

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