Gotv First Time Installation

GOtv First Time Installation, 2022, Antenna Installation, Scanning Channels, & GOtv Decoder Activation

GOtv first-time Installation is highly recommended to be done by an accredited Gotv installer. That is because they have all the skills and technical knowledge on how to fix Gotv for the first time.

Gotv new installation is effortless, and with the right procedures, you can do that within minutes, all by yourself at any time.

However, with Gotv installation being this easier, we have decided to share the step-by-step procedure on fixing the new Gotv decoder on your own.

Also, we share with you how to activate your new Gotv decoder and register it under your name with the right information.

So let begin with the process.

What Is Gotv First Time Installation Process

Gotv first-time installation is the procedure you must go through to install or fix a Gotv decoder for the first time.

It includes fixing the antenna, connecting the decoder to tv, scanning channels, and activating the decoder.

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Requirements To Fix Gotv Decoder For The First Time

Below are the types of things you need for Gotv first time Installation:

  • New Gotv decoder
  • Standard Gotv antenna
  • Television set
  • Electricity power source.
  • Hammer, screwdriver, 10 Spiner, etc.

Those are the things you need to fix the new Gotv decoder.

Procedures To Install A Gotv For The First Time

For Gotv first time installation, follow the procedure below:

1. Assembling of antenna

2. Installing the Gotv antenna on the roof.

3. Laying your cable to where the tv is.

4. Connecting your Gotv deco to tv

5. Scanning your Gotv channels.

6. Activating your Gotv decoder.

Those are steps to follow to install Gotv for the first time.

Assembling Of Gotv Antenna

The first step for a Gotv installation is the assembling of the antenna.

Usually, the Gotv antenna comes in with about 90 percent assembled, so you only need to screw each side tightly and fix the antenna together to ensure it is well assembled and firm.

Installation Of Gotv Antenna

The second step during Gotv installation is to mount your antenna on the roof.

Yes, your antenna must be installed on the roof for good signal quality.

In that case, you will fix your antenna on about a 2ft pole, and nail it against your facial roof board, and turn your antenna towards the Gotv transmitter direction.

Lay Your Antenna Cable To The Decoder

Now, after installing your antenna on the roof, the next crucial thing is to lay your cable nicely along the wall to where the Gotv decoder is.

Next, connect the cable to the antenna-in port at the back of the decoder, where you see an antenna logo behind it.

Connect Your Gotv Decoder To Tv Set & Switch On

At this stage, you must connect the power cable to the back of the decoder.

After that, connect the phono video or HDMI cable from the back of the decoder to the tv.

Plug your Gotv decoder into a power source and switch it on.

Power on your tv and switch the source to HDMI or AV.

Scan Your Gotv Channels

Once your Got has booted for the first time, you will see language.

Now select the language of your choice.

Choose your country and press enter at antenna power, let it be off, and press next.

Your Gotv will start automatic scanning.

The decoder will scan all the channels and save them.

Activate Your Gotv Decoder

The final step for the Gotv first-time installation is the activation process.

In these steps, you contact the Gotv customer care center and request for new decoder activation.

Kindly provide them with your name, mobile phone number, email address, location, and Gotv decoder IUC number located on the white sticker under the decoder.

After you have provided all the details needed for your Gotv decoder registration, your decoder will be activated instantly, and you will start seeing pictures.

If you have gone through those prices to this end, congratulations, you have installed your new Gotv decoder.

That is how to do Gotv first-time installation.

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