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Gotv Remote, Types Of Gotv Remote & How To Use IT

Are you seeking to buy a new Gotv remote, or you want to figure out how to use it? Here is a complete guide about Gotv smart control that might interest you.

We shall make it brief with detailed information you need to know on how you use the device, where you can buy one, and how to use your decoder without one.

Remote control has saved the day when it comes to watching TV programs in your home.

Unlike the days when you must manually pull a switch on the TV to change channels, you can now switch between TV programs in a split second by using a remote.

Gotv comes with a smart remote you can use to scan channels, change tv programs, read the Gotv guide, set reminders, and more.

Controlling your decoder from distance is all you need to watch and enjoy your Gotv programs in the comfort of your home.

To get all about the Gotv control, let’s dig into the core.

What Is Gotv Remote

As the name suggests, it is a device you can use to control your Gotv decoder remotely, which means you don’t need to touch the decoder before you can change channels.

It is so sensitive that you can control the decoder even within a few meters distance away.

It usually comes in black color as the decoder and uses batteries.

You are advice to handle it with care to ensure it lasts longer.

Also, don’t leave it in the hands of kids very often.

Where To Buy The Remote

To buy a remote, it is important to visit the nearest Gotv accredited dealer, satellite stores, Gotv agents, and Multichoice office.

Just as Gotv has different decoders, so as the remote.

Hence, you must go to the store with the old one.

If possible, go there with your decoder.

What To Do If My Gotv Remote Is Not Working

Here are the things you must do if your Gotv control is not working:

1. Visit the nearest Gotv services center to see if they can repair it.

2. Change the battery with new ones to see it will work.

3. Remove the batteries and refix them to see it works.

4. Ensure that the batteries touch the springs.

Those are how to troubleshoot your remote control.

How To Control Gotv Decoder Without Remote

Here is how to control your Gotv decoder without a remote, get closer to the decoder, and locate the buttons in front or on top of it.

V stands from the volume, and you can use -/+ to increase and decrease the volume.

The CH stands for channel, and you can use that to change the channel.

We highly recommend you don’t use the controls on the decoder much often as it can cause the box to develop a fault.

Can I Buy The Remote Separately

Yes, the Gotv remote is sold separately, although it is included in the box when you buy the decoder.

In case the old one is spoilt, you can buy one separately.

Usually, the one that comes with the decoder lasts for a long time, but with kids in your house, it may spoil early.

One way you can keep it safe is to ensure you do not hand it over to your kids more often.

How Much Is The Gotv Remote

The Gotv smart remote is not expensive, and it should not cost more than $5.

So approximately the Gotv remote price is about $5.

It is important that you purchase it from accredited Gotv agent shops in your local area.

We are aware of how some bad people are selling fakes ones so kindly take note.

That is all we have for you today in this articles and we shall do our best to add more relevant information soon.

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