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How Fix DStv Error Codes Online – Clear Error Code Online

How Fix DStv Error Codes Online

Manage DStv Error Codes

Do you have an error code on your Dstv? Here is another guide on how to fix Dstv error codes online. One of the main problems customers of Dstv come across is error code.

Sometimes, it is very annoying when you are in a hurry to watch a program on Dstv, and your tv screen returns an e-16 error.

For this same reason, Multichoice Africa has provided various enhanced ways to clear the Dstv error code.

However, not everyone knows how to clear an error code online, and that is why we have dedicated this page to give you full procedure to fix Dstv errors online.

Even though it is very frustrating when you get an error on your Dstv, but why does this happen?

Error codes appear on your Dstv for a reason, and anytime it appears, it displays what the cause could be.

So, the Dstv error code does not appear for anything, so we will give you some reasons why they occur.

What Is Dstv Error Code

Dstv error codes are mixed alphabet and numeric codes that usually appear on your tv screen when your Dstv decoder or account encounters a problem.

Each of the codes has a reason why they appear, and they prompt you about the kind of challenge your decoder has encounter.

While some Dstv error codes occur as a result of Multichoice issues, sometimes it is usually a problem from your home.

Now, let’s find out some of the error codes.

Types Of Dstv Error Codes

Below are some of the kind of error codes that appears on Dstv decoders:

  1. E-16
  2. E32
  3. E16-4
  4. E-17
  5. E48-32

Those are some of the error codes that appear on Dstv.

Read below to see the things you need to clear error codes online.

Requirements To Fix Dstv Error Codes Online

Below are the things you need to clear Dstv error codes online:

Now let us see how to clear the error codes online.

Steps To Fix Dstv Error Codes Online

To successfully fix Dstv error codes online, here are the basic steps you must follow:

1. Open the internet web browser on your smartphone or laptop and go to the Dstv self-service portal here:

2. Click on the drop-down behind the flag at the top right corner of the site.

3. Select your country from the list.

4. Next, click on “Sign in” at the top corner.

5. In the first box, enter the “Surname” on your Dtv account.

6. Enter your Dstv Smart card or IUC number in the next box.

7. Now, click on Sign in to log into your account.

8. Once you on your dashboard, navigate to Fix Error

9. Enter your Dtv Smartcard number

10. Next, click on the drop-down to choose the error code you want to clear.

11. Input the captured text in the box.

12. Now, click on “Fix errors” to clear the error code on your Dstv.

13. You will receive an error cleared successfully.

That is how to fix Dstv error codes online.

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