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How To Activate DStv Subscription After Payment – Simple & Fast

Activate Dstv Subscription

Activate Dstv After Payment

Are you a DStv subscriber? Here is a crucial guide on how to activate a DStv subscription after payment.

Often, after you have paid your DStv monthly subscription, it happens that it takes a longer time to be activated for your service to be restored.

Do you know why?

It happens as a result of many things, and you will agree with me it is a very annoying experience.

Most definitely.

We are here for you on all issues about your DStv, so you do not have to worry.

One thing you must know is that you should pay your DStv before your due date.

When that happens you never experience any interruption.

Also, it is imperative to switch on your DStv Digibox before making payments for renewal or reactivation.

Let us see how you can activate your subscription and continue watching your favorite channels after payment.

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How To Activate Your DStv Subscription After Payment

Here is the step-by-step guide you must follow to activate your DStv subscription after your payment:

1. Change your channel to any of the channels available on the package you paid for.

2. Wait for the onscreen notification.

3. Check to see the error code on the screen, i.e., e16, e32, etc.

4. Depending on the error code that appears, you can use the self-service platform to clear error codes.

5. After you have cleared the error code, wait for about 5 minutes, and your viewing will be restored.

6. Sometimes you can restart or reboot your DStv decoder, and your subscription will be activated.

Those are the main steps you must follow for the DStv activation.

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How To Avoid Errors After Paying Your DStv Subscription

Many factors lead to errors and delays in activating your DStv subscription after payment.

So, in other to avoid a delay in your subscription activation, you must make sure you do the right thing.

Here are the simple things you must do to avoid delays in activating your DStv subscription after payment:

1. Make sure you pay your DStv subscription before your due date.

2. Pay the exact or more than your preferred DStv bouquet price.

3. Always switch on your DStv decoder before you make any payments.

4. Use the fastest payment gateways to pay your DStv subscription.

5. See you have a good signal or reception for your DStv.

After following the above guide, you are likely to avoid errors after making your DStv subscription.

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Why Is My DStv Not Working After I Paying My Subscription

It happens sometimes, and you will switch on your DStv, but it will not be working.

It is very irritating, and sometimes you wish to kick your TV.

When you are facing such a challenge, it may be due to many factors.

So you make sure you avoid such things to be able to have a hassle-free subscription and uninterrupted viewing.

The following are some of the main reasons why your DStv doesn’t work even after paying your subscription:

1. Your decoder was off before you subscribed.

2. You paid less than the actual price of the package.

3. The signal on your DStv decoder might not be enough to produce pictures.

4. Maybe you paid your subscription through an internet banking account or a slower payment gateway.

From the above scenario, you now have a clue as to why your DStv is not working even after paying your subscription.

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How Long Does DStv Take To Activate After Paying My Subscription

Once you have paid for your DStv bouquet subscription, your service will be restored instantly.

In case it takes too much time to be activated, try clearing the error code using the self-service portal or USSD code.

That is how to activate your DStv subscription after payment.

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