How To Assemble Gotv Antenna

How To Assemble Gotv Antenna , Basic Steps To Install Gotv Antenna

Have you bought a new Gotv decoder and seeking to install it? Worry not, here we can start with how to assemble a Gotv antenna.

I can assure you that is almost all you need to install your Gotv decoder.

We shall give you a step-by-step procedure on arranging the Gotv antenna and other technical stuff you must know.

During Gotv installation, your main priority is the signals and the best component to ensure you have a good signal is the antenna.

However, even if you have the most powerful antenna, it still requires good assembling to make it work perfectly.

Each part is of the antenna components is very key as they have a different purpose.

Usually, Gotv antennas come with 90% assembled, so you only need a few arrangements, and you are good to go.

Gotv signals are from the digital terrestrial platform, and it requires little technical guidelines to give you a good signal, but once you have assembled your antenna, it is no longer a problem.

So let us begin.

Gotv Antenna Accessories

Below are some accessories with the Gotv antenna:

1. Gotv antenna to decoder signal port.

2. Signal receiver booster.

3. Signal reflectors.

4. Coaxial cable.

Those are Gotv antenna components.

Requirements For Assembling The Antenna

Below are the things you need to arrange or assemble Gotv antenna:

1. Ten Spinner.

2. Star screwdriver

3. Gotv antenna components.

4. Coaxial cable, etc.

5. Screws

Those are the things you need to assemble a Gotv antenna.

Step To Assemble Gotv Antenna

To assemble the Gotv antenna, follow these steps:

1. Look at the antenna manual.

2. Insert the two ends of the antenna and fix them together( for the new antenna, fix the red and the Green at both ends together. Green for Green and red for red).

3. Use the ten Spinner to tighten all bolts at each end.

4. Position the antenna vertically.

5. Pass the locker through any of the boxes in the middle of the antenna.

6. Fix the second locker to it and put screws at the back gently so the screen will not remove.

7. Pass the coaxial cable through any of the antenna net boxes and screw it to the antenna’s cable port.

8. Ensure every part of the antenna is well tightened with screws.

9. Now, your antenna is ready to be installed.

That is how to assemble the Gotv antenna.

Can Gotv Work With Any Antenna

Yes, Gotv can work with any antenna that can receive digital terrestrial signals, but it is recommended you use the Gotv antenna for good signal strength.

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