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How To Become DStv Agent – Steps To Be A DStv Sub-Agent Or Dealer

Become Dstv Agent

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Are you desperately looking for business ideas in Africa, here is a guide on how to become a DStv agent or dealer?

Multichoice Africa wishes to create employment and business opportunities for individuals in any of the countries they operate in Africa.

As a result, they have allowed a lot of people to become DStv agents and dealers. Also, many people are now DStv installers, and through that, they earn a considerable amount of income for themselves.

Are you looking to become a Multichoice agent? Maybe you want to be a DStv dealer?

Keep reading to find out the step by step guide.

By the end of this DStv Guide, you will know how to register and become a Multichoice Africa accredited dealer and agent.

The most interesting thing about becoming a business partner is that you can register and become a DStv dealer or agent in any of the Multichoice operated countries.

Some of the Dtsv operated countries where you can become a dealer include South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Mauritius, Gambia, Namibia, and many more.

Before we can continue, let’s see what the types of DStv dealer or an agent are.

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Types Of Dstv Dealer Or Agent

Here are the types of the available dealership:

Read below to see what each type of dealer does.

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DStv Super Dealer Or Agent

There so many things a super dealer or agent does in their locality or areas they represent Multichoice. To become a super dealer requires huge capital or funds as you will buy Multichoice Africa products in large quantities.

Below are some of the functions or the things DStv super dealer does:

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DStv Sub Agents Or Dealers

You are not required to have any special degree, diploma, or school training, or franchise to become a Multichoice dealer, as you will deal with DStv directly.

Below are some of the functions or things a sub-agents does:

1. DStv sub-agents buy and sell Multichoice decoders to customers.

2. Sub-agents sometimes offer installation services to customers in their homes.

3. Also, they render related technical services to customers.

Now, let’s find out who can become a DStv agent.

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Who Can Be A DStv Dealer?

If you want to become a DStv dealer, you must have a registered enterprise solely to deal with Multichoice products.

You should acquire training on products and services.

It would be far better if you had enough capital to acquire as many Multichoice decoders and materials as needed.

See below on how to become a dealer.

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Steps On How To Register And Become DStv Dealer Or Agents

If you want to register your business and become a DStv agent, follow the procedures below:

  1. Contact customer care and make inquiries about the DStv dealership.
  2. Make sure you have a registered office or company you will use to carry out all Multichoice services.
  3. Get enough capital or funds required to become dealers, which you would be told when you reach their customer care.
  4. Walk into any of the Multichoice offices close to you in your country and request for dealer form.
  5. Fill the form with all valid details required.
  6. After you have filled the form, please submit it to the responsible department at the Multichoice office.
  7. DStv will check your application and authenticate all the information provided.
  8. Once your request has been approved, you will be directed to what you must do next.
  9. Multichoice will schedule for you to be trained for all of their dealer related services.
  10. After going through the necessary dealer training, you will be given accreditation and an approval certificate from Multichoice Africa.
  11. Now, you are an accredited dealer, and you can buy and sell DStv decoders to sub-agents and customers.

Those are the main steps you need to follow to become a DStv agent.

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How Do I Become A DStv Agent In Nigeria?

If you are in Nigeria and want to become a Multichoice or DStv agent, all you need to do, at this moment, is to visit any of the Multichoice offices in Nigeria and make an application.

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How Do I Become DStv Agents In South Africa?

To become an agent in South Africa, contact the Multichoice customer care center close to you and inquire about how to register and become an accredited DStv agent in South Africa.

Please note that you can become a DStv Agent in other African countries like Nigeria, Mauritius, Gambia, Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and many more.

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