How To Block Gotv Channels

How To Block Gotv Channels Using Parental Control Guide (PG)

Are you worried about some channels your kids watch on Gotv?. Worry no more. We are going to show you how to block Gotv channels.

As guardians, it is imperative to ensure your kids watch programs suitable for their age group.

That is why Multichoice has introduced Parental control guide on Gotv decoders, and now you can block and unblock unwanted channels on your Gotv decoder to regulate what your kids watch.

However, the feature is available on every Gotv decoder, but it depends on the user to activate it.

Setting up Parental control on your Gotv decoder is effortless, and within minutes you can block any Gotv channel you don’t want your children to watch.

So, let’s see how to set up a Gotv Paternal control guide.

What Is Parental Control On Gotv

Parental Control on Gotv is a feature that allows customers to block and unblock Channels they do not want to watch, especially for their kids.

It is very useful in regulating programs that are viewable for your kid’s age and help take off adult content out of their view.

Requirements To Set Up Gotv Parental Controls

Below are the things you need to activate the Gotv Parental Control guide on your decoder:

1. Gotv decoder

2. Gotv remote.

3. Electric power

4. Gotv Parental Controls (PG) PIN.

Those are things you need to lock channels on Gotv.

What Is Gotv Parental Control Default PIN To Block Channels

Gotv Parental Control PIN is a unique 4 digits PIN that is used to block and unblock channels on Gotv decider.

The default PIN for Gotv Parental Control is 1234.

How Set Up Parental Control On Gotv Decoder

To set up Gotv Paternal control, follow these steps:

1. Press’s on “Help” button on your remote to open the Gotv “Menu.”

2. Scroll to “Parental Control.”

3. Enter the default PIN 1234.

4. Change the default PIN and enter a new one.

5. Now, your Parental control guide is set up.

That is how to set up Gotv Paternal control.

How To Block GOtv Channels On Your TV

If you want to block channels on Gotv, follow these steps:

1. Switch on your Gotv decoder.

2. Press the “Help” button on your remote to display the Gotv “Menu” options.

3. Kindly scroll through to the “Parental Control” section.

4. Select the channel you want to block and enter your Parental Control PIN.

5. Instantly, the channel will be blocked, and you need to unblock it with the PIN before you can watch.

That is how to prevent a specific channel from showing on Gotv.

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