How To Boot Your DStv Decoder

How To Boot Your DStv Decoder, 2022, Ultimate Guide To Booting DStv

Do you own a Dstv decoder? Here is another crucial guide, with complete guidelines on how to boot your Dstv decoder. We shall also discuss how you can successfully power on your Dstv decoder in a few simple steps.

However, before you can watch your Dstv, it should be connected to an electric source and be powered on.

It is necessary to note that you will always use the appropriate method to boot your Dstv decoder whenever you want to watch a program with the Digi box.

So, let’s find out what we mean when we say booting.

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What Is The Meaning Of Booting A Receiver

When we say boot your Dstv decoder, it means switching it on. Therefore, your decoder’s starting is the appropriate way of powering on your Dstv HD, PVR, or Explora decoder.

One key component to start your decoder is an electric source, which means if you do not have electricity, your Dstv decoder will now power on.

Read below to find out the things you need to boot your decoder.

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Requirements For Powering On Your Multichoice Decoder

To boot your Dstv decoder, here are the things you need:

  • Electricity
  • Your Multichoice decoder.
  • Electronic extension board or power socket.

Now that you know what booting means, let see how you can switch it on.

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Steps You Must Follow To Boot On Your Dstv Decoder

If you want to boot on your Dstv decoder successfully, below are the process you must follow:

1. Kindly check if you have electricity available.

2. Plug in your Dstv decoder power cable on the wall or into the electronic socket.

3. Now, switch on your power

4. Immediately, you will see two light indicators (Red and Orange color) blinking in front of your Dstv decoder.

5. Wait for about 3mints, and you see the light indicator has turn green.

6. When you see the light indicator on your Multichoice decoder has turned green, it means your decoder has started successfully.

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How Long Does It Take To Boot A Dstv Decoder

It takes about 3minutes to power on your Dstv decoder.

That is because, anytime your receiver boots, it scans all the channels automatically to add any new channel that Multichoice will launch.

When your decoder is in the booting process, you should wait for it to finish.

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