How To Bring Back Lost Gotv Channels

How To Bring Back Lost Gotv Channels, Rescan Your Gotv Decoder

Have you lost your favorite Gotv channels? Some Gotv stations are not on your channel list? You have come to the right place for a solution, and in this guide, we shall share with you a step-by-step procedure on how to bring back lost Gotv channels on your decoder.

Sometimes some of your Gotv channels may be lost on will not be included at all, and when that happens, you must rescan your to recover or add the new Gotv channels.

However, the Gotv decoder is an automatic scan mode, so whenever you switch on your decoder, it scans itself automatically, and new channels will be added.

The procedure to get back your lost channels is very simple and requires no technical knowledge to bring back your lost Gotv channels.

So if you read this guide carefully, you don’t need a Gotv installer to scan your channels.

Therefore, if you are ready, let us proceed.

Why Are Some Gotv Channels Not On My Decoder

Here is why some Gotv channels may not be part of your decoder:

1. Your signal strength may be weak.

2. The decoder needs reset.

3. Might be a fault internally.

Requirements To Rescan Your Decoder

Below are the things you need to get back lost Gotv channels:

1. Gotv decoder.

2. A well functional Gotv remote

3. Electric power source.

4. Strong Gotv signal strength.

You need those to rescan your Gotv channels.

Steps To Bring Back Lost Gotv Channels

To bring back lost Gotv channels, follow these steps:

1. Switch on your Gotv decider and wait to complete the booting process.

2. Press the “Help” button to open the “Menu” on your Gotv remote.

3. Scroll to ‘?”Advance options” and press ok.

4. Select “Installation” and press ok

5. Choose “Automatic Scan” and press ok.

6. Wait patiently as the channels are being scanned.

7. All channels will be restored, and new channels will be added.

8. Once the scanning procedure is completed, press the exit button to remove the menu from your screen.

9. Once the process is completed, scroll through your channels, you will see all lost channels restored.

That is how to recover missing Gotv channels.

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