How To Downgrade Gotv Package

How To Downgrade Gotv Package, Simple Steps To Change Gotv Bouquet

Are you tired of paying a Gotv subscription? Maybe you want to subscribe to a lower subscription. Then you can read this guide to find out how to downgrade the Gotv package.

Downgrading a Gotv subscription is allowed at any time, and you can do that on your mobile phone.

However, there are so many ways to downgrade Gotv subscriptions on the phone, including Gotv USSD code, MyGotv App, Gotv self-service, and many more.

Sometimes your Gotv subscription fee is more than what you can afford to pay, and when that happens, the best way to continue watching your decoder is to downgrade your package to a lower one.

Gotv has so many packages, and each one comes with a different subscription fee.

You can choose to pay for the least bouquet or upgrade to the higher packages when you like.

But usually, if the fee is higher than that you can afford to pay, it is recommended to downgrade your package.

So we are here to show you how to downgrade your subscription.

Therefore let us begin.

What Is Gotv Package Downgrade

Gotv package downgrade is the process of changing your current Gotv subscription to a flower bouquet.

When you downgrade your Gotv account, you will no longer need to pay the previous subscription fee.

Requirements To Downgrade Gotv Subscription

Here are the things you need to downgrade your Gotv bouquet:

1. Gotv decoder IUC number

2. My Gotv App

3. Mobile phone number on your Gotv account.

4. Smartphone

5. Active internet.

They are the things you need to downgrade your Gotv subscription.

Steps To Downgrading Your Package Using MyGotv App

To successfully downgrade your Gotv package, follow these steps:

1. Open the MyGotv App on your smartphone.

2. Enter your “Surname” or mobile phone number

3. Next, enter your “IUC number.”

4. Ensure to have entered the right details.

5. Now, click on “Login” to sign in to your account.

6. Once you are logged into your Gotv account, click on the change tab at the bottom of the app.

7. Next, select your current Gotv package.

8. Your current bouquet status will pop up with

9. Click on “Change Package”

10. Choose the package you want to downgrade to, and click on next.

11. Now, click on “Continue” to downgrade your package.

12. Instantly, your current bouquet will be changed.

That is how to downgrade a Gotv package.

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