How To Read Gotv Messages

How To Read Gotv Messages – Check Mail Messages On Your Decoder

Do you have a message box hanging on your Gotv screen? You might have received a mail from Multichoice that needs to be read before you move away. But how do you read Gotv messages?

That is what this interesting guide is all about, and we shall show you how to read Gotv mail on your decoder.

Usually, Gotv sends every customer notification about promotions, subscription due dates, program updates, new shows and channels, subscription prices, and many more.

However, anytime Gotv sends you a message, you will install see the message icon on your screen, and until you have read the message, it will still be there.

The interesting thing is that you can read those messages right on your decoder, but how can you do that? Read below to find out.

Requirements To Read SMS

Below are the things you need to read Gotv mails on your decoder:

1. Gotv remote control.

2. Gotv decoder.

3. Tv set.

Those are the things you need to read Gotv mail messages on your decoder.

Steps To Read Gotv Messages On Your Decoder

To successfully read the Gotv message” follow these simple steps:

1. Switch on your Gotv decoder.

2. Grab the remote.

3. Next, press on “Help” button.

4. The Menu on your decoder will display on the screen.

5. Scroll through the menus to “Mail messages” and press on ok.

6. All your Gotv messages will display.

7. Press the -/+ behind the volume key on the decoder to read each of them until it’s done.

8. Once you are done reading the messages, press exit to remove the menu screen, and you will see the message icon is no longer on your screen.

That is how to read Gotv mail.

Can I Read Gotv Messages Without Remote

No, you can not read Gotv messages on your decoder without a remote. So, it would be best if you got a remote before you can read mail messages on your Gotv decoder.

That is all we have for you today.

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