Here are the steps on how to reset DStv decoder

How To Reset Your DStv Decoder, 2022, Easy Steps To DStv Factory Settings

Here we are once again, with an interesting article about how to reset DStv decoder.

Resetting your DStv receiver is one of the many challenges people face with their satellite television.

DStv decoders usually encounter some downtime, and when that happens, one way to resolve such issues is to reset your decoder.

What You Need To Know About Factory Settings

Many people out there are having challenges on how to reset their Multichoice decoder, and that is why we have put together this fascinating guide to help everyone.

However, by the end of this article, you will know how to reset your DStv decoder to factory settings, rescan your DStv, and more.

Do you know you can reset your DStv in one minute? Unfortunately, there is no reset button on the DStv remote. So, what do you need to do that?

Let’s find out.

What You Need To Reset Your DStv Decoder To Factory Settings

Below are what you need to rest your Multichoice Decoder:

1. Dstv Remote

2. Available Electricity

3. Powered on DStv Receiver

Those are the requirements for resetting the DStv decoder.

Now, if you have all the above, let’s see how you can reset your decoder.

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How To Reset Your DStv Decoder To Factory Settings

Follow these steps below if you want to reset your DStv decoder:

  1. Power on your DStv decoder.
  2. Check if you have batteries in your remote.
  3. Press any of the keys on the remote to see if a light blinks.
  4. That shows it can send a signal to the decoder.
  5. Now, press the blue button with DStv written on it.
  6. Next, press on the arrow to the right of the “OK” on the remote.
  7. Each press takes you to the next sub-menu
  8. Press till it gets to “Settings” by the count you will press four times.
  9. Below the settings tab, scroll down to “System Settings“.
  10. Again a menu will pop up.
  11. Press on the right arrow of the “OK” button on the remote.
  12. Next, scroll down to “Rest Decoder Settings” and press “OK“.
  13. The next screen will give you numerous reset options.
  14. In our case we are resetting to factory mode, so we will choose that.
  15. Scroll down to “Reset To Factory Default“.
  16. Now, press on “OK“.
  17. Your DStv decoder will immediately reset to default as it was from the factory.
  18. Once the reset is complete, your DStv receiver will reboot.

That is how you can rest your Multichoice decoder to factory settings.

What Happens When You Reset Your DStv Decoder?

When you reset your DStv decoder, all the previous setup on your receiver are restored to the default settings.

This means if you have made any changes to your decoder menu, then all those settings will be deleted and restored to the factory settings.

There are many things that go on in the background with the software and at the server side which are very technical to explain.

Basically, that is what happens when you reset your DStv decoder.

Now that you have reset your decoder, the next thing is to rescan.

Stay tuned as we bring you more on DStv Guide.

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