South African Idols On DStv

South African Idols 2021 On DStv – Watch Idols SA Season 17 Live On DStv

As one of the most popular reality shows on the Africa continent, Idols SA is here once again, as the 17th edition of the show is about to take place. The South African Idols has featured numerous incredible events where contestants have showcased magical moments with their talents on stage.

Taking place every year, Idols SA 2021 is already taking over your tv screens when the talented contestants mount the stage to exhibit their unique skills live on the Mzansi Magic channel on Dstv.

Since Idols SA season 17 is underway, it is time to grab your DStv remote and watch the show live on the Mzansi Magic channel.

So if you are a fan of the South African Idol, you can get yourself a DStv decoder and watch every episode in the Idols SA 2021.

Suppose you are already a DStv customer; you might want to know how to watch South African Idol on DStv.

For that reason, we have dedicated his guide to show you which channel will show Idols SA Season 17 live on DStv, including the package on which you can watch the show and many more.

So Let’s Begin if you are ready.

When Does Idols SA 2021 Start On DStv

Idols SA 2021 starts on DStv on 17th July 2021 at 17:30. Therefore DStv customers in South Africa and the rest of Africa can start watching season 17 of the South African Idol reality show live on DStv.

Idols SA 2021 Channel On DStv

Mzansi Magic is the Idols SA 2021 channel on DStv. It is the only channel that will broadcast the South African Idol reality show live on DStv.

However, customers must ensure they have an active subscription on their DStv account with packages that have the MZansi Magic channel in their channel list.

How To Watch South African Idol On TV

If you want to watch the South African Idol on TV, you can buy a DStv decoder and subscribe to the DStv Compact package and above to watch the show live on the MZansi Magic channel on DStv.

What Channel Number Is South African Idol On DStv

South African Idols on DStv channel 161. So if you want to watch Idols SA on DStv, you can switch your channel to the MZansi Magic channel on DStv channel number 161 to watch every episode of Idols SA 2021.

Which Channel Shows Idols SA On DStv

Mzansi Magic is the channel that shows the South African Idols reality show live on DStv. It is available to DStv subscribers on Compact, Compact Plus, and premium bouquets.

Which DStv Packages Have Mzansi Magic

You can get Mzansi Magic on the following DStv packages:

1. DStv Premium

2. DStv Compact Plus

3. DStv Compact

That is all we have for you about the South African idols 2021 on DStv.

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