SuperSport Cricket TV schedule guide on DStv Africa

SuperSport Cricket On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide

You are welcome to If it’s your first time reading from this blog, here is an article primarily for giving you a TV schedule guide for the SuperSport Cricket channel on DStv.

A few days ago, DStv came out with a statement about launching new sports channels that will focus on showing specific sports programs to its subscribers.

SuperSport Cricket Schedule Guide

The lover for sports in Africa is it immense, and to that, Dstv has decided to allow customers to have access to the uninterrupted viewing of their favorite sports events.

As a result, the new sports channel was created to replace the old Supersport to broadcast dedicated sports programs.

Therefore, if you love watching Cricket, there is a dedicated Cricket channel on DStv called Supersport Cricket.

Cricket is available across most of the Dstv packages. We have dedicated this SuperSport Cricket guide to DStv channel 212/232 depending on your country.

So, before you pay for your DStv subscription, find out if you are paying for the right bouquet in other not to miss out on the Cricket channel.

What Programs Will Be Shown On Supersport Cricket Channel On DStv

Talking about the programs that you can get to watch on the SuperSport Cricket channel, it is nothing complicated to worry about ass the name of the station is self-explanatory on the programs they will show.

That is the main purpose of this SuperSport Cricket guide.

The list below are the programs that will be shown on the SuperSport Cricket channel on Dstv:

1. Proteas

2. ICC Events

3. International Cricket games

4. IPL, and more.

That was the program available that viewers can watch on the Cricket channel.

The table below is the SuperSport Cricket schedule guide for today, 14th April 2021:

SuperSport Cricket Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

21:00Int CRI '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
00:30IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
01:30Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
02:30Int CRI (W) HL '21: NZL v AUS 3rd ODI
02:45IPL HL '21: CSK v DC
03:00Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
03:15IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
03:30Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
03:45IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
04:00Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
04:15IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
04:30Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
04:45IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
05:00Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
06:00IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
07:00Int CRI '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
10:30IPL HL '21: CSK v DC
10:45IPL HL '21: SRH v KKR
11:45Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
12:45Cricket Features
12:50IPL HL '21: RR v PBKS
13:50IPL '21: KKR v MI
18:00IPL HL '21: KKR v MI
19:00Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20
20:00IPL HL '21: KKR v MI
21:00Int CRI HL '21: RSA v PAK 2nd T20

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

All the updates will be available on this SuperSport Cricket schedule guide.

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What Is The Channel Number For Cricket Matches On DStv

Traditionally, Dstv assigns a channel number to each of their tv stations, making it easy to find any channel you want to watch.

There are more than 300 TVs and radio channels on DStv, so if you know the channels number of your favorite stations, it is easier to switch and watch.

The Supersport Cricket channel is on Dstv channel number 212, but you can get it on channel number 232 in the rest of African countries.

That is all that you need to know about the SuperSport Cricket schedule guide.

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What Supersport Channel Shows Cricket

Suppose you watch to watch Cricket events on Supersport, you can watch it on the dedicated Cricket channel on Dstv.

Therefore, if you want to watch Cricket on Dstv, you can get all live Cricket events on the Supersports Cricket channel.

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