SuperSport Grandstand schedule TV guide on DStv Africa

SuperSport Grandstand On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide

In today’s DStv guide, we shall focus on giving you the Supersport Grandstand schedule guide for today.

We all know DStv has launched new sports channels to replace the old Supersport channels, and it is not that there will be no sports, but channels have been renamed with much dedication to sports programs they will broadcast to customers.

Therefore if you are seeking the Supersport Grandstand schedule for today, do not worry.

We shall give you the lineup of the full program for each, so you never miss out on your favorite live sports on DStv.

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What Are The Sports Programs On Supersport Grandstand

SupersportSupersport Grandstand channel is dedicated to telecasting the best of all live content from major sports events.

The following are the best of sporting programs that will be shown on the SuperSport Grandstand channel on DStv:

1. Tennis
2. Football
3. Formula 1

Those are the sports events that you will get on the Grandstand channel.

The table below is the SuperSport Grandstand schedule guide for today, 25th January 2021:

SuperSport Grandstand Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

20:00PGA 20/21 The American Express D4
00:30Super Smash (W) '20: WB v CM
02:05Super Smash '20: WF v CK
04:00CC HL '20 SF1: Bulls v Lions
04:05CC HL '20 SF2: WP v Sharks
04:10Euro Tour HL 20/21 Abu Dhabi Champs D4
04:15Int CRI '21: SRI v ENG 2nd Test D4
12:30FAC HL 20/21 Man Utd v Liverpool
12:35FAC HL 20/21 Chelsea v Luton Town
12:40FAC HL 20/21 Fulham v Burnley
12:45CC HL '20 SF1: Bulls v Lions
12:50CC HL '20 SF2: WP v Sharks
12:55UFC 257 HL: Poirier v Mc Gregor 2
13:00PLTV: The Headline Makers
14:30Int CRI HL '21: SRI v ENG 2nd Test D4
15:00PL: Premier League Today
15:30PGA HL 20/21 The American Express D4
15:35Euro Tour HL 20/21 Abu Dhabi Champs D4
15:40LPGA HL '21 Tournament of Champs D4
15:45CC HL '20 SF1: Bulls v Lions
15:50CC HL '20 SF2: WP v Sharks
15:55UFC 257 HL: Poirier v Mc Gregor 2
16:00PL: Fanzone
17:00MODC HL '21: Warriors v Lions
18:00What a Weekend
18:30Int CRI HL '21: SRI v ENG 2nd Test D4
18:45CC HL '20 SF1: Bulls v Lions
19:15CC HL '20 SF2: WP v Sharks
19:45FAC 20/21: Wycombe v Tottenham
21:45Italian Serie A Review Show

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

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What Is The Channel Number For Supersport Grandstand Channel On DStv

You will get the Grandstand Supersport channel on DStv channel 201 in South Africa and Nigeria but on channel 221 in the rest of the Africa countries.

Because this is a new TV channel being introduced by Multichoice Africa, you need to keep an eye on the Channel numbers.

We will give you an update on this page as and when any changes occur.

There may not be any significant changes, but it is advisable to always be on the alert.

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Which Package Will I Get This Channel

SuperSport Grandstand is only available on the DStv Premium package.

If you are currently subscribing to the Family, Compact, or even the Compact Plus Package, then you have to upgrade your DStv subscription for you to be able to get the GrandStand sports channel.

That is all for the DStv SuperSport Grandstand channel schedule guide.

Share your concerns in the comment section below.

Moreso, do not forget to always come back to check this page for all information related to the Supersport Grandstand channel on Dstv.

It is imperative to get the most up-to-date information concerning your favorite channels on Dstv, so you will not miss out on anything.

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