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What Is The DStv Smart Card Number – Guide To DStv IUC Number

DStv smart card number

DStv Smartcard Number

Today, we have come again with another thrilling article with full details about the DStv Smart Card Number? So, if you have been wondering what the DStv IUC Number is? You are at the right place.

We shall give you all the details about your decoder Smart card number and how you can find it.

However, one of the most important components of the DStv decoder is the IUC number.

Without your smartcard number, it will be impossible for you to watch any of the channels.

That is why you must know your card number so you can use it on the self-service platform anytime you have issues with your account, especially when you have an error code on your screen.

We do not want to consume all your time with much fuss, so if you are ready, let’s begin and find out what the smart card is all about.

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What Is The DStv Smart Card Number

The DStv Smart Card Number is a unique 10 or 11 digits numeric number assigned to each decoder and serves as authentication between your receiver and the Multichoice server.

You can find your decoder IUC number at the back of the card inserted into your decoder or on the white sticker beneath your decoder.

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What Does The DStv SmartCard Number Do

The DStv card number does so many things, and as I have said earlier, it is a vital component with each decoder.

Below are the things the DStv SmartCard Number does:

1. The number is used to make payments and subscribe to your monthly bouquet bills.

2. Without the DStv card number, your decoder will not work.

3. It serves as an identification to each decoder.

4. The DStv IUC carries encryption keys that unlock all the channels on your decoder.

5. The smartcard number is needed to clear error codes on your account.

Those are some of the things the card can be used for.

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What Is The DStv IUC Number

The DStv IUC number is not different from the smart card number, but with the IUC number, it is linked to an embedded card within the decoder, which you can not remove.

It performs the same functions as the smartcard.

You can find your DStv IUC number on the white sticker below your decoder, or you can see it on your tv screen when you switch your channels to a station that is not part of your bouquet.

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How Can I Find The My DStv Smart Card Number

Here are the steps you must follow if you want to know your DStv smart card or IUC number:

  1. Kindly remove the IUC inserted in your DStv decoder.
  2. Tun the card to the opposite side (The white side of the card).
  3. On the other side of the Smartcard, you will see a 10 or 11 digits number.
  4. Write down the number at the back of the paper.

That is how you can find your DStv smart card number.

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How To Know Your DStv IUC Number

If you want to find your DStv decoder IUC number, follow these steps below:

1. Switch off your decoder.

2. Turn your decoder upside down.

3. You will see a small white sticker beneath the decoder.

4. On the white sticker, you will see S/N, the serial number of your decoder, and IUC/SC, the actual IUC number, or the card number of your decoder.

5. Write down the IUC number on a piece of paper and save it where you can remember it.

That is how you can find your DStv decoder IUC number.

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Does DStv Smart Card Expire

No, the smart card does not expire, as it has no expiry date, but it can be faulty due to the card’s frequent movement.

So, it is advisable to stop removing it from the decoder frequently.

That is all you need to know about the DStv Smart Card number.

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