Gotv Yellow Light Guide

Gotv Yellow Light: How To Turn Off Gotv Yellow Light & What It Means

Do you know what the Gotv yellow light on the decoder means? You are in this right place for every detail you need about the yellow-amber light on Gotv decoders.

Amber lights on electrical devices signify something anytime they are on and just like the red amber light you see on your flat-screen TV when you switch on the power.

Same as the Gotv decoder, each light on the decoder means something, and as a user, it is important to know all these, so you will get the meaning of everything the happens with your decoder.

Fortunately, we have every detail you need, and we will spill it all for you. Just read and ensure you get it right, as we will make it brief and simple.

Even if the orange light on your Gotv is blinking, you will know why.

So let’s begin.

What Does The Yellow Light On Got Decoder Mean

Whenever you see the orange light blinking on your Gotv decoder that means you have an unread mail message from Gotv customer service.

Once you have a message from Gotv, you will see a notification on your screen, and if it’s unread, you will see the yellow-amber light turned on.

Why Is The Yellow Light On My Gotv Decoder Blinking

The orange light on your Gotv decoder blinks anytime you have unread messages in your Gotv mailbox on the decoder.

Sometimes Gotv may send you mail notifications about promotions, subscription due dates, new programs, schedules, and more.

To notify you about those messages you have received, the amber, yellow or orange light will be blinking.

How Do I Turn Off The Yellow/Orange Light On My Gotv Decoder

To turn off the yellow light on your Gotv, follow these steps:

1. Use the Gotv remote and switch to the ‘”Menu.”

2. Scroll to “Mail messages” and press ok

3. Use the volume button to read through all the messages.

4. After you have read all the messages,.press on exit.

5. You will see the yellow light has been turned off.

That is how to turn off the orange light on your Gotv decoder.

Now, that is all we have for you today, and we hope this guide was helpful to you.

Kindly let us hear from you in the comment section. Do not hesitate to come back and read more, as we will

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