Gotv New HD Decoder

Gotv New HD Decoder, 2022, Full Details About Gotv Jolli Decoder

Are you aware Gotv now has a high-definition decoder? Yes, there is a new Gotv HD decoder on the market at very affordable prices.

Gotv has now introduced a new decoder with high-definition compatibility.

Technology is taking over everything, and as days go by, new technological inventions are evading the system.

Considering the entertainment industry, producing content comes with precision, flexibility, compatibility, high tech, and suspense-oriented processes.

However, the analog days to the digital age have seen a lot of transition in video content production with top-notch specifications.

Today, HD and 3D contents have almost become common and take over every viewer’s taste.

Statistically, every two out of 3 homes has a high-definition compatible TV set, which shows how things have changed over the years.

Watching your favorite programs on HD resolution is a joy to watch, and even with the least attractive content, you may want to finish watching.

That is what high definition brings to your screens, and initially, when Gotv started, all their decoders were not HD compatible and were only delivering standard definition SD content.

That caused a huge stir amongst the customers as they were not impressed with the picture quality.

Fortunately, Multichoice having every customer at heart has now introduced a new Gotv high-definition decoder.

Since the Gotv HD decoder’s introduction, there has been massive patronage across all Gotv coverage countries.

In many instances, customer ditched their old Gotv SD decoder for the HD compatible decoder.

Admittedly, the Gotv HD decoder is all you need for the best picture quality, and if you ever want to buy one, you need to read this guide to find all the details.

What Is The New Gotv HD Decoder

The new Gotv High-definition decoder is the maiden high-definition compatible decoder ever introduced by Multichoice.

It is available at all Gotv accredited agent stores across the country.

Features Of The New Gotv HD Decoder

Below are the features of the new Gotv High Definition decoder:

1. Show pictures in high definition (HD) format.

2. It is HD compatible and can be used to watch high definition channels.

3. Uses HDMI Cable

4. Can be connected to a flat-screen using HDMI.

Differences Between New Gotv HD Decoder & Standard Gotv Decoder

1. Gotv HD decoder has an HDMI port, but the Standard Gotv decoder does not have an HDMI port.

2. The new Gotv box can be connected to a flat-screen using HDMI, but the Standard decoder uses phone video cables.

3. The new Gotv decoder has clearer pictures than the Standard decoder.

Where Can I Buy The New Gotv HD Decoder To Buy

You can buy the Gotv high-definition decoder from the following:

  1. Gotv accredited agent shops.
  2. Multichoice offices
  3. Gotv accredited installers.
  4. Gotv super dealer stores.
  5. Satellite stores or shops.
  6. Online from Jumia, etc.

Those are where you can buy the Gotv HD box.

What Does The Gotv HD Decoder Come With

Here are the things that come with the new Gotv High-definition decoder:

  • Gotv terrestrial antenna (new design).
  • Gotv smart remote (new design)
  • Antenna coaxial cable
  • Brochure
  • Antenna Manual

Those are things included in the new Gotv HD decoder box.

That is all we have for you today, and we hope this guide was helpful.

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