How To Activate Gotv USB Port

How To Activate Gotv USB Port, Use Pendrive On Gotv Decoder

Are you wondering how to activate the Gotv USB port? It remains the last feature on the new Gotv decoder that customers are seeking ways to use.

But we are here today with full details about it, and you look forward to finding out how to activate the Gotv USB port.

Multichoice has added a Pendrive port to almost all their current devices.

Now the new Gotv HD decoder also has a USB port, but just like the USB port on the DStv decoder, it is used for a different purpose.

Today you will find out what it is used for, and either you can use it to watch movies on a pen drive or not. So let’s begin.

How Can I Activate Gotv Decoder USB Port

There no way you can activate the Gotv USB ports as it was made to be used by customers.

If you seek to play movies on your Pendrive through the USB port on the Gotv decoder, it is not possible as it was meant for a different purpose.

Can I Play Movies On My Pendrive Using Gotv Decoder

No, you can not watch movies or access files on your Pendrive using the Gotv decoder because the USB port can not be used to play Pendrive.

It is meant for future use, and when that time is due, Multichoice will give customers guidelines on how to use it.

What Is The USB Port On Gotv Decoder Used For

The USB port on a Gotv decoder via made for future use and now is used for only technical purposes, which means that customers can not use it to play Pendrive or watch a movie using a USB stick.

That is all we have for you today in this guide, and we recommended that you always come back to this post to read more.

Also, we shall add more relevant information to this guide.

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