DStv Big Brother Naija Season 6

DStv Big Brother Naija 2021 Season 6 Guide – Watch BBNaija 2021 On DStv & Gotv

The trailblazer of African reality show is here once again. As people seek the BBNaija 2021 starting date, many are also asking when DStv Big Brother Naija 2021 Season 6 starts. For that reason, we have dedicated this guide to give you details about DStv BBNaija Season 6.

The BBNaija Season 6 2021 show promises to be filled with more thrilling and interesting characters that will leave fans with unforgettable memories than what we witnessed from previous housemates.

A few months ago, the Dstv Big Brother Naija 2021 audition came to an end, and the housemates for the reality show has been chosen. 

While preparing for the BBNaija 2021 starting date, fans from across Africa are being entertained by rekindling their memories from the BBNaija Season 5 Lockdown, as they have reunited as the BBNaija Reunion 2021. 

However, per what we are seeing in the Big Brother Naija Reunion, there are all indications that this year’s BBNaija Season 6 2021 will be filled with drama, suspense, romance, and many more.

From the very onset of the show, I can assure you that you will fall in love with a housemate that you want to win.

Anytime this reality is airing, most people are glued to their Tv screens because of certain interesting characters on the show.

It for the fact that people have been seeking Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates. But just like I said earlier, you will get all the information you need about the show here. 

So if you seek the BBNaija Season 6 contestant, you will have it here.

As we all know, Multichoice has partnered with Africa Magic to organize the BBNaija show every year.

For this reason, Big Brother Naija 2021 will be exclusively shown live on Dstv, Gotv, and other affiliated streaming platforms. 

That means that you need an active subscription on your Dstv decoder to watch the BBNaija 2021 Channel on Dstv.

The good news is that this year’s Dstv Big Brother Naija Season 6 show will be available to watch via almost all the Dstv Packages. 

So, if you want to watch BBN 2021 live on Dstv, at least you must have a Dstv Family active subscription on your account. 

Moreover, you can watch the show live from many different streaming platforms, which we will show right here in this guide.

Hence, if you are ready, let us begin.

What Is The Big Brother Naija 2021 Starting Date

The Big Brother Naija 2021 starting date is 24th July 2021 that is according BBNaija organizers. So, if you want to know when BBNaija 2021 will start, the reality show will be live on tv starting from 24th July 2021.

BBNaija Season 6

BBNaija 2021

How Do I Get BBN Naija 2021

To get BBN 2021, you must buy a Dstv or Gotv decoder and subscribe with a package that has the BBNaija channel among its channel list. Also, you get this year’s BBN live via DStv Now App.

Is There Going To Be Big Brother 2021

Yes, there will be a Big Brother Naija 2021, and according to Dstv Big Brother season 6 organizers, you can start watching the reality show soon after the reunion edition has come to an end.

What Is Big Brother Naija 2021 Channel On Dstv

The Big Brother Naija 2021 channel on Dstv is channel 198, the dedicated BBNaija 2021. For customers of DStv, it is dedicated to showing all events from the Big Brother house live, 24/7. So, the Big Brother Naija Season 6 channel is Dstv channel 198.

Where Can I Watch BBNaija 2021 

You can watch DStv Big Brother Naija Season 6 on the following platforms:

1. Dstv

2. Gotv

3. Dstv Showmax

4. Dstv Now App

5. Dstv Now Website

Which Dstv Packages Will Show BBnaija 2021

Big Brother 2021 will be shown one on the following DStv packages:

 1. Dstv Premium packages

2. Dstv Compact Plus

3. Dstv Compact Package

4. Dstv Confam bouquet

5. Dstv Yanga package

Which Channels On Dstv Will Show Bbnaija Reunion 2021

Big Brother Naija 2021 will be shown on the Following Dstv Channels:

1. Africa Magic Urban

2. Africa Magic Family

Which Channel On Gotv Will Show BBNaija 2021

On Gotv, you can watch Big Brother 2021 on channel 12. However, it is important to nowt that before you can watch the BBNaija 2021 on Gotv, you must subscribe to a package that has the Big Brother Naija Gotv channel, in which case it will be the GOTv Max package.

Can I Watch Big Brother 2021 Online

Yes, you can watch the BBnaija 2021 live online via all affiliated Dstv streaming platforms. Below are the ways to watch BBNaija 2021 online:

1. DSTv Now App

2. Dstv Showmax

3. Dstv Now Website

How Much Do I Need To Pay To Watch Big Brother Naija 2021

You do not need to pay much to watch this year’s BBN, as you can subscribe to the Dstv Family package to watch everything from the Big Brother house live.

Who Is The Host For Big Brother Naija Season 6

Big Brother Naija season will be hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. As we all know, for the past four editions he has been the host, and with his personality and what he adds to the show, there was no one better in that position than him.

What Is The Prize Money For Big Brother Naija Season 6(2021)

The prize money for Big Brother 2021 is N90million. This means that the winner of this year’s BBNaija 2021 will take home 90million Naira as the prize.

Who Is The Headline Sponsor For BBNaija Season 6 2021

Big Brother Naija 2021 is sponsored proudly by Abeg. Fo all those who do not know anything about Abeg, it is a peer-to-peer money transfer public platform that allows its subscribers to send, receive and request money from family and friends.

BBNaija Season 6 2021 Abeg

Headline sponsor BBNaija 2021

That is all we have for you about BBNaija 2021. Kindly, share with us your opinion as we bring you everything about Big Brother Nigeria.



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