SuperSport Football Plus channel schedule guide

SuperSport Football Plus On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide

Welcome to the SuperSport Football Plus schedule guide.

Are you a Dstv subscriber in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Gambia, Uganda, and more?

Here is another DStv guide about the Supersport Football Plus TV schedule guide.

Are you surprised about the Supersport Football Plus channel?

Yes, it is one of the newly launched sports channels on Dstv Africa, which are aimed at showing dedicated sports programs.

Therefore, relax and stick to this page, as we shall give you the full list of all programs lineup for Supersport Football plus on DStv.

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What Programs Will DStv Show On Supersport Football Plus Channel

Are you a lover of the UEFA champions league? Then you must stick to the Football Plus when it’s time for champions league games.

All UEFA champions league games will be shown on Supersport Football Plus Channel on DStv.

Also, DStv will shower some of the big games from the major leagues across the globe.

Which Channel Number Can I Use To Find Supersport Football Plus on DStv

As it has been done to other Supersport channels on DStv, you can get Supersport Football Plus on channel number 222 in the rest of African countries and channel number 202 in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, if you are in South Africa, you may not have access to the Supersports Football Plus channel on DStv.

Here is the list of SuperSport Football Plus channel schedule on DStv today, 14th April 2021:

SuperSport Football Plus Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

21:00Serie A 20/21: Juventus v Genoa
23:00PL: The Weekend Review
1:00Premier League Today
2:30Road To EURO 2020
3:00LaLiga 20/21: Valencia v Sociedad
5:00LaLiga 20/21: V'Real v Osasuna
7:00PL HL 20/21: Tottenham v Man Utd
7:30PL HL 20/21: Liverpool v A Villa
8:00PL HL 20/21: C Palace v Chelsea
8:30PL HL 20/21: Sheff United v Arsenal
9:00PL HL 20/21: Man City v Leeds
9:30LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
10:00LaLiga HL 20/21: Valencia v Sociedad
10:30LaLiga HL 20/21: Betis v A Madrid
11:00Serie A HL 20/21: Parma v AC Milan
11:30Serie A HL 20/21: Inter v Cagliari
12:00Serie A HL 20/21: Juventus v Genoa
12:30Serie A HL 20/21: Sampdoria v Napoli
13:00Serie A HL 20/21: Roma v Bologna
13:30Serie A HL 20/21 Fiorentina v Atalanta
15:00Italian Serie A Review Show
16:00LaLiga 20/21: C Vigo v Sevilla
18:00UCL Build Up
18:50UCL 20/21 QF: Chelsea v FC Porto
21:00UCL Wrap
21:30UCL 20/21 QF: PSG v Bayern

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

For those in other African countries, you can make the conversion with respect to your timezone.

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Which DStv Package Has DStv Football Plus

The Supersport Football Plus is available on the DStv Compact Plus and the Premium packages.

It is interesting to note that the channel number will be different on the Nigerian and South African bouquet as compared to the rest of Africa.

If you have subscribed to the Access, Family, and the Compact packages, then you need to upgrade to either the Compact Plus or the Premium bouquet before you can get the SuperSport Premier League channel on your DStv decoder.

What Is The Channel Number For Supersport Football Plus On Dstv

As we have seen in our previous post, Dstv gives each channel a unique number that will assist customers to easily switch between programs on their Dstv decoders.

It makes sense that you will know the channels numbers of your favorite channel on Dstv.

Dstv subscribers in Nigeria and South Africa can get the Supersport Football Plus on Dstv channel number 202, and for the rest of African countries, you can get it on channel number 222.

That is all you need to know about the SuperSport Football Plus channel schedule guide.

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