SuperSport Laliga Channel schedule guide

SuperSport Laliga On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide

Are you looking for the SuperSport Laliga channel schedule guide on DStv?

You have come to the dedicated guide for one of the newly launched sports channels on DStv called Supersport Laliga channel.

In this post, we shall highlight some of the live programs you will get to watch on the Laliga sports channels on your favorite DStv bouquet.

Also, we shall give you a daily tv schedule guide for the SuperSport Laliga channel on this page.

Therefore, you must stick to this page for all the daily programs lineup for Supersport Laliga channel on DStv.

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What Programs Will Dstv Shown On The Supersport Laliga Channel

Any of the sports addicted viewers will know that this channel is dedicated to showing football matches from the Spanish Premier League, hence the name Supersport Laliga.

Let me break it down for you.

The following are the Sports Programs you shall watch on the new Supersport Laliga channel on DStv:

1. Live game from all Spanish Laliga games.

2. 24/7 Highlight of the Spanish Premier League

3. The biggest games of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, and many more.

4. Home of El Classico ( Live match of Real Madrid vs Barcelona).

Those are the dedicated programs that will be shown on the SuperSport Laliga channel.

In this SuperSport Laliga channel schedule guide, we will list all the Spanish Premier League here on this page.

The table below is the SuperSport LaLiga Tv schedule guide for today, 14th April 2021:

SuperSport La Liga Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

22:00Viva LaLiga
23:30LaLiga Santander Review Show
00:30LaLiga 20/21: Valladolid v Granada
02:30LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
03:00LaLiga HL 20/21: Valencia v Sociedad
03:30LaLiga HL 20/21: Betis v A Madrid
04:00LaLiga HL 20/21: Valencia v Sociedad
04:05LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
04:10LaLiga HL 20/21: Valencia v Sociedad
04:15LaLiga HL 20/21: Betis v A Madrid
04:20LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
04:25LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
04:30LaLiga 20/21: V'Real v Osasuna
06:30Viva LaLiga
08:00LaLiga 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
10:00LaLiga 17/18: Betis v Valencia
12:00LaLiga Santander Review Show
13:00LaLiga News
13:30Viva LaLiga
15:00LaLiga SmartBank HL 20/21: Matchday 34
16:00LaLiga World
16:30LaLiga HL 20/21: C Vigo v Sevilla
17:00Viva LaLiga
18:30LaLiga Goals 20/21: Matchday 30
18:45LaLiga HL 20/21: Betis v A Madrid
18:50LaLiga HL 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
18:55LaLiga HL 20/21: C Vigo v Sevilla
19:00LaLiga 20/21: R Madrid v Barcelona
21:00LaLiga Santander Review Show

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

Now you have all the information you need to know about the Supersport Laliga channel on Dstv, so you can visit this page for the daily schedule guide for the Dstv Supersport Laliga channel.

We shall capture every program lineup on the Laliga sports channel on Dstv.

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What Is The Channel Number For Supersport Laliga On DStv

As we have seen with some of the new SuperSport channels, each one has a channel number that will help subscribers dial on their DStv remote to switch and watch live sports games.

Therefore if you want to watch the SuperSports Laliga station on DStv, you will get it on channel 204 for subscribers in both Nigeria and South Africa, but in the rest of African countries, it is on channel number 224.

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Which DStv Package Has SuperSport Laliga

You can get SuperSport Laliga on the following DStv packages:

1. DStv Family

2. DStv Compact

3. DStv Compact Plus

4. DStv Premium

5. DStv CONFAM (Nigeria)

Please, take note that you can get SuperSport Laliga on DStv channel 204 in Nigeria and South Africa.

For the rest of Africa, you will get the Laliga channel 224.

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