SuperSport WWE Schedule Guide

SuperSport WWE Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight, 2022

Are you a DStv subscriber who loves WWE? How would you feel when I tell you that DStv has now dedicated a new channel for Wrestling? The name of this DStv channel is SuperSport WWE.

That sounds great, and that is why we have also dedicated this page to the SuperSport WWE schedule and live programs.

You now have Summer Slum, Wrestlemania, Smackdown, and RAW, all being shown on SuperSport WWE.

The will be no interruptions as Multichoice Africa has dedicated 24 hour WWE programs to this new sports channel.

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How Do You Get SuperSport WWE On Your DStv Decoder

This is a new channel that will air live wrestling events as well as give you all the playbacks.

You do not need to do anything to get the new SuperSport WWE channel on your DStv decoder.

The automatic update feature in the decoder will scan the new channel on the TV. You do not need to do any manual scan.

Also, the SuperSport wrestling channel will begin to air on DStv from 1st September 2020.

You just need to exercise patience, sit behind your TV, and enjoy your favorite wrestling events like RAW, Summer Slum, Smackdown, and Wrestlemania.

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What Sports Programs Are On SuperSport WWE On DStv

The following are the wrestling events you can watch on the New SuperSport channel:

  • RAW
  • Summer Slum
  • Wrestlemania
  • Smackdown

And many other wrestling events.

Moreover, you shall have all live and highlights of various Wrestling events on the SuperSport WWE channel on DStv and you can get it on the least DStv bouquet even on the DStv Family package.

Here is the list of SuperSport WWE channel schedule on DStv today, 25th September 2022:

SuperSport WWE Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

20:30WWE Raw Replay
22:15The Best of WWE: The Holidays
23:35WWE Table for 3: Appetite for APA
00:00WWE SmackDown
02:05WWE In Your House 6
04:00WWE 24: WrestleMania - Dallas
05:00WWE Raw Highlights
06:00WWE NXT
07:45WWE SmackDown
09:15WWE NXT Level Up
10:50WWE Playlist
11:00WWE Chronicle: Edge
11:45WWE Originals Specials
12:00WWE SmackDown
13:30WWE Untold: The APA
14:05WWE Table for 3: Angle Academy
14:25WWE Top 10
14:30WWE Raw Replay
16:15WWE NXT
18:00WWE SmackDown
19:30WWE NXT Level Up
20:05WWE Timeline: By Any Mean Necessary
20:55WWE Top 10
21:05The Best of WWE: Money in the Bank

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

We will update this SuperSport WWE schedule guide to bring you all the live programs on this DStv channel.

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Which DStv Channel Does SuperSport WWE Come On And What Is The Schedule

You can watch SuperSport WWE on DStv channel 236. This channel number is for all countries, so if you are in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and other African countries.

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Which DStv Channel Shows WWE Wrestling

Now that SuperSport is dedicated to WWE wrestling, you can watch all your favorite events on this channel.

Other DStv channels may show WWE wrestling, but you can get 24 hours non-stop live events on the SuperSport WWE channel.

So take note: DStv channel 236 shows WWE live wrestling events.

Which DStv Package Has SuperSport WWE

You can watch SuperSport WWE on the following DStv packages:

1. DStv Family

2. DStv Compact

3. DStv Compact Plus

4. DStv Premium

Those are the packages you can get live Wrestling on.

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Is The WWE Channel Available In South Africa | What Is The Schedule

Yes, the DStv channel 236 is available in South Africa. In fact, you can get the SuperSport WWE channel in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, and all other African countries.

That is all you need to know in this SuperSport WWE schedule guide.

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