SuperSport ESPN 2 Schedule Guide on DStv

SuperSport ESPN 2 On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide

Are you aware of the new SuperSport channel names on your DStv packages? Yes, that is what Multichoice Africa is going to do from 1st September 2020. Because of that, we have dedicated this page to update you on the SuperSport ESPN 2 Channel Schedule on this page.

We will show you where to find your favorite sports programs on the SuperSport ESPN 2 channel.

But before channel change, you need to know what program will be shown on DStv ESPN 2.

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What Sports Programs Are On SuperSport ESPN 2 On DStv

This channel is dedicated to American football, basketball, and hockey.

The following are the sporting activities DStv will show on the SuperSport ESPN 2 channel:

1. NBA (Basketball)

2. National Football League (NFL)

3. Major League Soccer (MLS)

4. Major League Basketball (MLB)

5. National Hockey League (NHL)

As you can see from the list, ESPN 2 is solely for American sports.

Those are some of the main sports events that will be telecasted on the ESPN 2 channel on your DStv package.

Finally, the NBA is now live on Dstv to subscribers who have an active subscription on their Dstv account.

Here is the current TV guide for the ESPN 2 schedule today:

ESPN2 Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

21:30NBA 2020/21
23:17NBA Action
23:41MLB Regular Season 2021
02:04MLB's Best
02:30NHL On The Fly
03:15NFL Live
04:00Peyton's Places
04:26NFL Live
05:12NHL On The Fly
06:00MLB Regular Season 2021
08:30Scottish Championship 2020-21
10:15NHL On The Fly
11:03Peyton's Places
11:30Peyton's Places
11:57MLB's Best
12:22MLB Regular Season 2021
14:55NHL On The Fly
15:45NRL Try Time
16:37Peyton's Places
17:05Peyton's Places
17:31MLB's Best
18:00MLB Regular Season 2021

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

Also, you shall have access to all the Major League Soccers games live on the Supersport ESPN 2 channel on Dstv.

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What Channel Number Can I Find SuperSport ESPN 2

The channel number for ESPN 2 depends on your country.

In most cases, SuperSport ESPN 2 is on channel 219 on DStv.

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