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DStv Parental Control – Block, Unblock & Reset Settings With DStv Parental Guidance (PG)

Here is another interesting Dstv guide, and we are going to give you details on how to block and unblock channels to activate DStv Parental Control on your decoder.

DStv Multichoice offers a wide range of tv channels in all entertainment categories, and that entails numerous programs being aired every day suitable for all age ranges.

Even though Dstv does not have any channels that show adult content, you will agree that it is appropriate to regulate the kind of programs you kids watch.

Thus, DStv has provided parental control options on all their decoders ranging from PVR decoder to high definition decoders, Explora, and more.

Kids are very curious and will give attention to any strange thing they come across, so as parents, it is your principal responsibility to choose the right channels to watch.

However, if you seek to block some channels on your DStv so your kids may not have access, this guide has it all for you.

Before we begin, let see what PG means.

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What Does Parental Guidance (PG) On Dstv Means

PG is an abbreviation of parental guidance, which means control measures parents take to guide their kids from any bad exposure to unwanted content on the channels they watch.

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What Does PG Block On DStv Mean

If you want to watch a channel on your DStv decoder and get a PG blocked response, it means parental control block has been put on that channel, and you can only watch if you unblock that channel.

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What Is The Dstv Default PIN For Dstv Parental Guidance(PG)

You can select the channels you do not want your kids to watch by activating the PG block function on your decoder.

Remember, the default PIN for Dstv parental guide is 1234. It is important you change it to your preferred PIN.

Now let find out how you can activate PG on your DStv decoder.

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How To Set Up Parental Guidance On Your DStv Decoder To Avoid Your Kids From Accessing Some Channels

Here are the simple steps you must follow if you want to activate the parental control on a DStv decoder:

  1. Using your DStv decoder remote press on the blue button with DStv written on it.
  2. Press the right button of the “OK” or the Grid button.
  3. Navigate till you get to “Settings.”
  4. Under settings, scroll down to “Parental Control.”
  5. Next, press on “OK.”
  6. Open “PG Settings”.
  7. Enter the DStv default parental control code, i.e., 1234.
  8. Behind global blocking, select “Personalise”.
  9. Scroll down to “Parental Control” (PG).
  10. Choose P13 to block every program rated above 16.
  11. You can select “FAM”, which will block all other channels and open only channels that are rated 13 or below.

That is how to activate the parental control on the DStv decoder.

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How To Block Channels On Dstv Decoder

Can you block a channel of DStv? Yes, if there is any channel you do not want to watch, you can block it.

In that case, even when you switch to it, nothing will show.

Follow the steps below to block any channel on DStv:

  • Press the “DStv Icon” button on your remote to go to the “Menu” tab.
  • Navigate right till you get to Settings.
  • At settings, press on the “OK” button.
  • Scroll down and select “Parental Control”.
  • Switch to PG settings and open it.
  • Enter the default PIN 1234
  • Choose Personalise behind the “Global Blocking” tab.
  • Switch channel blocking to “ON”.
  • Choose “Select Blocked Channels” and press on ok to continue.
  • Select all the channels you want to block.
  • Once you have selected those channels, they will be blocked, which means that you need to unblock them before you can watch them again.
  • Press on the return button to exit.

That is how you can block the channel on the DStv decoder.

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How To Unblock Channels On Dstv To Remove PG Blocked

Sometimes you may come across PG blocked on your DStv, and when that happens, it indicates, the channel has been selected to be blocked in the Parental Control settings.

Therefore you must follow the same procedure to unblock it.

Below are the steps to unblock and remove the PG block from your DStv decoder:

  1. Press on the blue button on your DStv remote and go to the menu.
  2. Move the right arrow till you get to Settings.
  3. Scroll to “Parental Control”.
  4. Open “PG Settings”.
  5. Input 1234 on your remote to continue.
  6. Behind the global blocking switch to “No Block”.
  7. Press on the return key on your remote to exit the menu.

That is how you can unblock channels on Dstv to remove PG blocked.

How To Change Parental Control (PG) PIN On Dstv

The default PIN for Dstv parental control is 1234, and you will agree with me any kid that will get hold of that and memorize it within minutes.

Therefore, it is crucial to change your PG PIN on your DStv decoder to avoid the kids from exploring more.

Follow these simple steps below if you want to change your DStv parental control PIN on your decoder:

1. Press the DStv button on your remote and switch to “Menu”.

2. Go to settings.

3. Chose the “Parental Control” tab.

4. Select “PG Settings” and open it.

5. Input 1234 to unlock it.

6. Scroll down to “Change PIN”.

7. Enter 4 digit PIN of your choice.

8. Confirm the PIN.

9. You will actually be taken back to the parental control menu.

10. Now, press on return to exit.

That is how to change parental control or PG PIN on DStv.

How Do I Put Password On My Dstv Channel

If you want to put a password on a DStv channel, all you need is to go to the menu and select Parental Control under settings.

Set up your PG PIN to a new one and select the channels you wish to lock them.

How Do I Turn Off Parental Control Without A Password

If you want to turn off parental controls without a password, the reset your decoder to factory default, and it will erase all settings on your decoder.

That is all you need to know about DStv Parental Control and all the steps you need to follow to block, unblock, and reset your Parental Guidance using all the settings outlined in this DStv Guide.

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