How To Setup DStv Decoder and Connect Installation Wizard

How To Setup DStv Decoder – Steps To Connect DStv & Setup Installation Wizard

In today’s DStv Guide, we shall discuss how you can setup your DStv decoder and connect it to your TV.

You will also learn how to switch on the decoder, start the installation wizard, navigate and find channels, or even boot and reboot your satellite receiver.

Before you can have a better viewing that invites all the fun and entertainment into your home, you must set up your Dstv decoder well.

As we all know, setting up your DStv decoder is a bit technical and requires an expert or Dstv accredited installer.

That is, it is very important always to contact an expert whenever you are having signal related issues on your Dstv decoder.

However, if you want to set up your Dstv decoder by yourself, then keep reading this guide.

We are going to show you all the steps you need to follow to set up your Multichoice Africa receiver.

Before we can proceed, let’s look at what you require to set up your Dstv Digibox.

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What You Need To Set Up Your Dstv Decoder Installation Wizard

Here are the requirements for setting up a new Dstv decoder:

  • Fully installed 90cm DStv satellite dish.
  • DStv signal of over 68%.
  • Electricity (source of power).
  • DStv decoder.
  • DStv remote, HDMI cables, an Av cable.

If you all the above-listed requirements, let’s see how you can set up.

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How To Setup Your DStv Decoder And Connect It To Your TV

Below are the steps to follow if you want to set up your Dstv decoder:

1. Place your DStv decoder horizontally on a table or a shelve beneath your Tv.

2. Act the back of the decoder looks for a tuner written being “LNB IN” or “RF IN.”

3. Connect the white or black cable that runs from the installed satellite dish into your room to the tuner at the back of the decoder.

4. Now, if you are using a plasma or flat Tv, kindly connect your HDMI cable, i.e., a black cable in the box that each end of it looks like a USB.

5. Also, if you use an analog tv, connect the Av cable, i.e., the cable that has three pins are the ends of it with red, white, and yellow colors.

6. Connect the other end of the HDMI/AV c cable to your tv.

7. Fix the powered cable at the back on your decoder.

8. Switch on the power on your wall.

9. Your decoder will be powered on then continue with the setup process.

10. Press source your flat screen or plasma TV remote and select all the HDMI option till your seel the Dstv a screen pop up.

11. On your analog tv remote press on AV and switch for Dstv screen pop up.

12 Once your Dstv has come up, choose the language, either English or Portuguese.

13. Next, choose a satellite, based on your country. Most countries use Eutelsat 36B or IS20.

14. So, select 36B and continue to setup your DStv decoder.

15. Now, choose the LNB type, which is “Universal” for all DStv decoders except Dstv Explora.

16. Once you select Universal ass, the LNB you will see on the right side of your Tv all runners have turned bluish.

17. That indicates your signal is good to scan your channels.

18. Now, scroll to scan and press on the “OK” button and continue setting up your DStv installation.

19. The scanning process will be initiated on your decoder, and Tv and radio channels will start popping up.

20. Once the scanning is completed, channel 100 will display or a screen.

Those are the simple steps to follow to setup your DStv decoder and then connect it to your television.

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How To Switch On & Boot Your DStv Decoder For The Setup

Follow the steps in this DStv Guide below if you want to switch on your DStv decoder:

  • Plug your Dstv power adapter into your power socket on the wall.
  • Make sure it is slotted at the back of your Dstv decoder.
  • Switch on the powered plug on the wall.
  • Power on your Tv set and continue with the wizard.
  • Switch to the right source where your decoder feed gets to the TV either through HDMI or AV cables.
  • You will see your Dstv decoder booting with the Dstv logo on your Tv.
  • The decoder will to a background scan of all DStv channels.
  • Once the background scan is done, you will see pictures.

That is how you can boot your Dstv decoder and watch your favorite channels.

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How To Navigate And Find Channels ON Your DStv Using Grid

Below are the steps to follow if you want to change channels on Dstv decoder:

  1. Sit to face your decoder and make sure nothing blocks you from seeing the green light in front of your DStv decoder.
  2. Make sure you are not actually not sitting or standing too far away from the decoder when searching for the channels.
  3. Pick your Dstv remote and begin the navigation.
  4. Press on the grid button, just on the right side of the “OK” button on your DStv remote.
  5. A grid of all the channels available on your package will display.
  6. Now, here is how to find the channels on your DStv decoder after the setup.
  7. Use the up and down button at the top and down of the “OK” button to find channels.
  8. Navigate through the channel list on the TV screen.
  9. On each channel you get to, it will be highlighted bluish.
  10. If you want to watch a particular channel, press on the “OK” button.
  11. When that is done, the channel you selected will stream in full-screen mode.

So you see, it is easy to find or search for channels on your DStv decoder.

That is all you need to know about how to setup your DStv decoder, start the installation wizard, navigate and find channels, and even boot or reboot your satellite decoder.

Now it is your turn!

Let us know if you were able to follow the steps outlined in this DStv guide.

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