How to Rescan Your DStv HD and PVR Decoder

How To Rescan Your DStv Decoder, 2022, Steps To Get Channels On DStv HD Or PVR Decoder

Do you know how to rescan DStv decoder?

Don’t worry if you do not know how to scan your receiver.

Anything concerning DStv installation is a technical process and because of that, you have to call the installer to come and fix most of the settings for you.

Rescanning DStv decoder is not so difficult and you can do it by yourself.

See how to do that here.

How To Rescan Your DStv Decoder For More Channels

After you have successfully reset your DStv, your decoder will reboot, and you just rescan to get your channels before you can watch your favorite programs.

Here is a quick procedure you can follow to rescan your DStv:

1. Once your decoder is done rebooting, you will see a screen like the one below.

2. Next, you will need to select a satellite-based on your country. Refer here to see which satellite works for your country.

3. Use the arrow keys on the left and right of the “OK” button to select the right satellite for your decoder.

4. Choose among quick and manual setup.

5. We recommend you chose the manual setup.

6. Move to “Manual” and press “OK.”

7. At this point, you need to select the type of LNB that was used to set up your dish. Refer here to see the type of DStv LNBs and what each one does.

8. If you are using any DStv decoder except the DStv Explora, then the Universal LNB is the best option.

9. Swipe left or right and select “Universal.”

10. Check Tuner 1 &2 to see its signal is more than half of the bar.

11. Now, scroll down to “Scan.”

12. Press on “OK”

13. The scanning process will be initiated.

14. Wait as it will scan all the channels automatically.

15. Once the channels scan is done, your decoder will switch to channels 100, and pictures will display on your TV screen.

That’s was swift, and you have just rescanned your DStv decoder.

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How To Recover Lost Channels On DStv

There are several ways to recover lost channels on DStv. One of the easiest ways to recover those programs is to rescan your decoder.

It may happen to DStv HD decoders or DStv PVR receivers.

What you have to do currently to get back all those channels you lost is to rescan your decoder.

Another way to recover those channels is to a total reset of your DStv receiver.

It is mostly safer to just rescan the satellite for new TV channels than resetting your whole setup.

How To Find Channels On DStv

Finding new channels on DStv either free-to-air or paid channels should be done by a qualified DStv installer.

Sometimes you can just perform a blind search on your DStv decoder to find new channels, but it is advisable to call a DStv installer.

If you are comfortable doing it by yourself, then here is how to find channels on DStv:

  • Use the DStv remote
  • Press the menu button on the remote.
  • Go to the menu.
  • Select satelite installation.
  • Make sure the DStv signal indicator is on for the frequency you are scanning.
  • Scan the frequency for new channels.

That is how to find channels on DStv decoder.

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Rescan DStv Decoder For Free On-Air Channels

You can also watch free-to-air channels on your DStv decoder.

The main challenge with free on-air channels is that they don’t show premium TV programs.

So it will be advisable to subscribe to the DStv channels than relying on free on-air channels.

How To Rescan DStv HD Decoder

Rescanning DStv HD decoder is the same process, as shown above.

It doesn’t mean that because you are using an HD decoder, all the channels will automatically broadcast with the HD picture quality.

All the standard definition channels will also be scanned in addition to the HD channels.

How To Rescan DStv PVR Decoder

You can also rescan the DStv PVR decoder and get more channels as well as lost channels.

The personal video recorder (PVR) decoder has many advantages over the standard DStv receiver.

It is always advisable to call a certified DStv installer to scan your PVR decoder to avoid any channel loss or issues with the setup.

However, if you are confident of rescanning your PVR decoder all by yourself, follow the steps shown above for scanning DStv decoder for more channels.

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