DStv shows only channel 100

DStv Shows Only Channel 100 – What To Do When DStv Is Showing Only Channel 100

Are you a DStv customer? Maybe your DStv decoder shows only channel 100.

Wait, I will show you what to do to get back all your channels.

Therefore, here is a brief guideline on how to solve DStv showing channel 100 on your tv.

So the question is, what is channel 100 on DStv?

DStv channel is a promo channel available on every DStv bouquet. It requires no subscription to watch the Dish Channel on DStv.

The DStv Dish channel is a free to air channel on every DStv package, which offers telecast all Multichoice promotional contact to their subscribers.

Because it is free to view on DStv whenever your DStv subscription expires, the only channel you can watch is DStv channel 100(Dish TV).

We all know how irritating DStv can be sometimes, when you come back from work, switch on your DStv, and then only channels 100 that is showing on your screen.

So, what does it mean?

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Why Is Your DStv Not Showing All The Channels

If not all your DStv channels are showing, then there are a few things you need to look out for. All your channels are not showing because your satellite dish may not be properly aligned.

There are other instances where your DStv may not show all the channels because either some of the frequencies are showing or your account has expired.

One quick troubleshooting method to check this is by checking if your account is active.

Maybe not all your DStv channels were affected but a few ones. If that is the case then call a Multichoice agent or installer in your area to help you fix the problem.

In other instances, your decoder may only show channel 100.

If that is your problem now, then continue reading as we show you how to solve that in this DStv Guide.

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What Does It Mean When Your DStv Decoder Is Showing Only Channels 100

The following are the reasons why your DStv is showing only channel 100.

Your DStv decoder will automatically switch to channel 100 when your subscription expires.

Channel 100 will only show on your DStv decoder when your account is suspended.

You can only watch channel 100 when you encounter an error code like the following on your DStv: E16, E30, and E32.

Sometimes when DStv is having technical challenges, you can have access to only channel 100.

Whichever way your problem may be, there is a solution. Read more below.

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What You Must Do When Your DStv Decoder Only Shows Channel 100

Apply any of the following guides when your DStv is showing only channel 100.

When your DStv shows only Dish channel, kindly use the DStv self-service shortcode or platform to check your subscription status. Refer here and see how you can do that.

You can switch to any of the channels like 154 or Africa Magic channels, and read the information displayed on your screen. That will tell what the cause is.

You switch to any other channel like Super sports Blitz, which is available for all DStv subscribers. Now the error code that will appear on the screen allows you to use the self-service to clear it.

Reset your DStv decoder and rescan your channels.

That is what you can do to get back all your channels when your DStv shows only channel 100.


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