Which Channel Will Show Tonight Boxing Fight On Dstv

DStv Boxing Guide – Watch Tonight Boxing Fight Live On DStv & GOtv

Do you want to know which channel will show tonight’s boxing fight on Dstv? You have come to the right place, and in this post, we shall share the Dstv boxing guide with you, including which channels will show today’s boxing match live on Dstv and how you can watch it.

Aside from football, boxing is one of the favorite sports events that have a huge following across the African continent. Although there is no Africa boxer fighting at the top level currently, that does not mean Africa does not have a history when it comes to boxing.

For that reason, Dstv Multichoice has launched a dedicated channel to show live boxing matches throughout all boxing competitions, including local and international.

With the Supersport boxing channel, you can access all live boxing fights from every boxing weights division, including featherweight, lightweight, Super featherweight, super welterweight, heavyweight, bantamweight, super bantamweight, and many others.

When you are seated right behind your screen on a boxing night, nothing is more exciting than an uppercut and a give-and-take action between the boxers.

My favorites are the curtain raisers, and of course, everyone loves to see a KO(Technical Knockout) during a boxing game. When it comes to the end of the fight, it greases your joy with more fun.

But how will you get all these boxing matches to watch on Dstv? Read below to find out.

Which Channel Shows Live Boxing On Dstv

Supersport Grandstand is a dedicated channel for showing live boxing matches on Dstv. So if you want to watch live boxing fights on Dstv, you must subscribe to packages that have Supersport Grandstand. Remember that Supersport boxing channel number is 201 and 221.

Which Packages Shows Live Boxing Matches On Dstv

The following are the Dstv packages that show live boxing matches:

1. Dstv Premium

2. Dstv Compact Plus

3. Dstv Compact

So except for the Dstv Access, you can watch live boxing fights on all the other bouquets.

Which Channels Shows Live Boxing On Dstv

Here are the channels that shows live boxing matches on Dstv:

1. Supersport Grandstand

2. Superport Action

3. Supersport Maximo 1.

4. Supersport Variety 1

Which Channel Will Show Tonight Boxing Match Live On Dstv

Tonight’s boxing match will be shown live on Supersport Grandstand or Supersport Action. It will be available on both Dstv Premium bouquet and Dstv Compact plus packages, so you must ensure you have an active subscription to watch the boxing fight.

What Channel Is Dstv Boxing Channel

The Dstv boxing channel is Supersport Grandstand, and if you have it among your Dstv channels, you can watch all boxing matches live on Dstv at any time there is a boxing fight. It is available to all Dstv Premium and Dstv Compact plus subscribers.

Which Channel On DStv Will Show Tonight Boxing Fight Between Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul

The Boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will be shown live on the following Dstv channels:

1. Supersport Grandstand

2. Supersport Action

3. Supersport Maximo 1

4. Supersport Variety 1

Will Dstv Show The Boxing Match Between Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul

Yes, Dstv will show the boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul live on Supersport Grandstand, Supersport Action, and Supersport Maximo 1.

So, if you want to watch the Mayweather boxing fight on Dstv, you must ensure you have an active subscription with those channels before you can watch the fight.

Will Gotv Show Tonight Boxing Match

We can not confirm that tonight’s boxing will be shown live on Gotv, but you can watch the recap on Gotv Max. Gotv does not have a dedicated boxing channel, so it will be hard for you to watch it live.

Which Channel Will Show Tonight Boxing On Gotv

So far, there is no channel showing live boxing on Gotv, but we can not confirm that they will not show. However, what we can assure you is that Gotv will show highlights of the boxing match on Supersport Blitz Channel on GOtv.

Which Chanel Will Show Mayweather Fight Tonight On DStv Nigeria

If you are using Dstv Nigeria, you can watch the Mayweather fight tonight on the following channels:

  • Supersport Grandstand
  • Supersport Variety 1
  • Supersport Action

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