SuperSport Tennis TV schedule guide on DStv Africa

SuperSport Tennis On DStv – Channel Schedule Guide Today

Are you a lover of tennis? We have the ultimate tv schedule guide for Supersport Tennis on DStv.

Suppose you may not have heard about new changes DStv has made to Supersport channels, here is one of the newly launched Supersport channels on DStv to broadcast dedicated Tennis events to subscribers.

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SuperSport Tennis Channel Schedule Guide

Africa has finally embrace Tennis games in style, and today it has become one of the most-watched sports events on DStv.

As a result, we have dedicated this sports page to the daily tv schedule guide for the Tennis channel on DStv.

Therefore, stay tuned to this page and check it out for your daily programs lineup of programs on the SuperSport Tennis channel.

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What Programs Will Be Shown On Supersport Tennis Channel On DStv

You are not wrong with your guess, as the name suggests, the Supersport Tennis station is dedicated to showing only Tennis events and more.

The list below are the Tennis programs that DStv will show on the Supersport Tennis Channel:

1. ATP 1000s

2. Grand Slams

3. ATP 500s, and more

Those are the programs that you will get to watch on the Supersport Tennis channel.

The table below is the SuperSport Tennis schedule guide for today, 26th September 2021:

SuperSport Tennis Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

21:00Laver Cup '21: D2 M5
22:00Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M1
22:15Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M2
22:30Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M3
22:45Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M4
23:00Laver Cup '21: D2 M7
01:00Laver Cup '21: D2 M8
03:00Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M1
03:15Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M2
03:30Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M3
03:45Laver Cup HL '21: D1 M4
04:00WTA500 HL '21: Ostrava Open SF1
04:15WTA500 HL '21: Ostrava Open SF2
04:30Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M5
04:45Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M6
05:00Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M7
05:15Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M8
05:30WTA500 HL '21: Ostrava Open SF1
05:45Laver Cup '21: D2 M6
07:45SA Spring Open '21: (W) Final: Alina C
09:30SA Spring Open '21: (M) Final: Alastai
11:30Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M7
11:45Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M8
12:00WTA500 HL '21: Ostrava Open SF1
12:15WTA500 HL '21: Ostrava Open SF2
12:30WTA500 '21: Ostrava Open Final
15:30Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M7
15:45Laver Cup HL '21: D2 M8
16:00Laver Cup '21: D3 M9 Doubles
18:00Laver Cup '21: D3 M10
20:00Laver Cup '21: D3 M11

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

Before we continue with the SuperSport Tennis Schedule guide, let’s see which bouquet you can watch on the tennis TV station.

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Which Dstv Package Can I Get Tennis Channel On DStv

Tennis programs have always been broadcast on DStv’s highest packages, and though there have been changes, it remains on the full bouquet.

Therefore, if you went to watch the Supersport Tennis channel, it is available on DStv Premium Package.

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What Is The Channel Number For Tennis Sports On DStv

You do not need to forget the channel number for the Supersport Tennis channel if you love watching tennis games on DStv.

It is simple, and if you want to watch it, you can get Supersport Tennis on DStv channel number 214 for subscribers of South Africa and Nigeria.

For the other African countries, you can get it on channel 234 on DStv.

That is all you need to know about the SuperSport Tennis schedule guide.

It would be best if you visit this page periodically for the latest updates on the Supersport Tennis channel on DStv because we will add all programs schedule guide of Supersport Tennis on this page.

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