Which Countries Has Gotv

Which Countries Has Gotv – Full List Of Countries With Gotv Coverage

Gotv is an international pay-TV provider, and in today’s guide, we shall show you which countries has Gotv in Africa.

However, all the Gotv available nations are in Africa, and looking at how the parent company DStv has extended their services to many African countries, Gotv seems to follow the same path.

Moreover, even if Gotv is in your country, it is important to ensure you have Gotv available in your area before you move to purchase the decoder.

That is because Gotv uses the digital terrestrial platform to transmit their signals. Unlike satellite, it does not cover a large area, so you may have Gotv available in your country, but it does not work in your Town or Village.

We are here to give you the gist about all countries that have Gotv is working there.

Which Countries Has Gotv

Below are the countries that have Gotv:

1. Ghana

2. Nigeria

3. Kenya

4. South Africa

5. Zambia

6. Uganda

7. Malawi

8. Namibia

9. Mozambique

Those are the countries with Gotv is available currently.

Is Gotv In South Africa

Yes, Gotv is available in South Africa, and you can buy Gotv decoder in South Africa from accredited Gotv dealers across the country.

Is Gotv Bette Than Dstv

No, Gotv is not better than DStv as DStv has so many channels than Gotv.

But Gotv is better than DStv in terms of subscription fees as Gotv has cheaper subscriptions than DStv.

Is Gotv Owned By DStv

Yes, Gotv is owned by the parent company of DStv called Multichoice. That is why you can get some DStv channels on your Gotv decoder.

That is all for today. We shall give more details about Gotv in the subsequent articles, and we implore you to come back for more, as we have all answers to your Gotv queries.

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