SuperSport Select 2 TV channel schedule guide on GOtv Africa

SuperSport Select 2 Schedule Guide – Watch GOtv SS Select 2 Channel Today/Tonight

Our main focus in today’s DStv guide is on the SuperSport Select 2 schedule on GOtv Africa. As you already know, DStv has launched new dedicated Sports channels, which went live from 1st September 2020. Since then, GOtv has also improved the quality of matches and events on their live TV programs especially the SuperSport Select 2 channel.

In this GOtv guide, we shall give you all the SuperSport Select 2 TV schedule guide, so you can count on us for all programs line up for the new sports on the various GOtv packages.

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What Programs Show On GOtv SuperSport Select 2 Channel

Supersport Select 2 on GOtv is dedicated to African sports.

So if you want to watch all the major Africa premier league matches, then you need to watch SuperSport Select 2 on GOtv.

On this channel, you will have almost all the interesting local football games.

You may be tempted to think that the SuperSport Select 2 channel is only about football.


You can also watch a variety of sporting events including netball, athletics, boxing, football, tennis, as well as major sports news.

The following are the live programs that you can get on the GOtv SuperSport Select 2 channel on DStv:

  • Zambia Super League
  • Major African Leagues
  • South Africa league
  • International football games
  • African Boxing
  • Selected repeats of major football matches
  • Major football highlights

Those are the main sports matches on the GOtv SuperSport Select 2 channel on DStv Africa.

The table below is the SuperSport Select 2 TV schedule guide on GOtv for today, 14th April 2021:

SuperSport Select 2 Schedule Guide On GOtv Today

Start TimeContent TypeTitleDetail
23:55RepeatDStv Prem HL 20/21: Galaxy v TshakhumaTS Galaxy vs Tshakhuma FC
00:05RepeatDStv Prem HL 20/21: Arrows v CelticGolden Arrows vs Bloemfontein Celtic
00:15RepeatDStv Prem HL 20/21: Swallows v LeopardSwallows vs Black Leopards
00:25RepeatFIBA 3x3 DohaDoha
00:55RepeatZSD HL 20/21 G Buffaloes v ZescoGreen Buffaloes vs Zesco United
01:00RepeatDStv Prem 20/21: Chippa v SundownsChippa United vs Mamelodi Sundowns
03:00RepeatZSD 20/21: Zanaco v L DynamosZanaco vs Lusaka Dynamos
05:00RepeatExtreme E Champs HL '21: Rnd 1 RaceRound 1 Race
06:00RepeatSports Bulletin Around The Clock
06:30RepeatHomeGroundEpisode 47
07:00Premier5 Colour FitnessTeam 3: Episode 2
07:30RepeatPSL TV - Extra TimeEpisode 517
08:30RepeatDStv Prem 20/21: Arrows v CelticGolden Arrows vs Bloemfontein Celtic
10:30RepeatDStv Prem 20/21: Swallows v LeopardsSwallows vs Black Leopards
12:30RepeatDStv Prem 20/21: Chippa v SundownsChippa United vs Mamelodi Sundowns
14:30RepeatPSL KZN FocusEpisode 6
15:00RepeatTrans World SportEpisode 1771
16:00RepeatRazor Custom Car ShowEpisode 5
16:30RepeatPushing the LimitsEpisode 39
17:00Premier5 Colour FitnessTeam 4: Episode 2
17:30RepeatReel AfricaEpisode 14
18:00RepeatWWE NXT UKEpisode 143
18:50RepeatSundowns - The Sky's The LimitEpisode 172
19:20RepeatDStv Prem HL 20/21: Arrows v CelticGolden Arrows vs Bloemfontein Celtic
19:30PremierSuperSwimmerEpisode 24
20:00RepeatETH PL 20/21: Diredawa v W DichaDiredawa Ketema vs Wolayta Dicha
22:00RepeatETH PL 20/21: Wolkite v S BunnaWolkite Ketema vs Sidama Bunna

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2. For those in Nigeria and Kenya, you can also make the appropriate conversions.

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What Is The Channel Number For Supersport Select 2 On GOtv

Since DStv has allocated a channel number for all the SuperSport Select and GOtv channels, it makes sit easier to switch to any of the channels.

You can get Supersport Select 2 on channel number 34 on GOtv.

Please note that the channel number for Select 2 may change without notice so it is advisable to check the DStv and SuperSport website for the correct number.

Moreover, your GOtv decoder will almost always auto-update with the latest channel numbers.

In any case, the Select 2 channel schedule guide will not change.

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On Which GOtv Package Can I Get SuperSport Select 2 Schedule

You can only watch the SuperSport Select 2 TV programs on the GOtv MAX, GOtv Plus, and the GOtv Value packages.

If you are using the GOtv LITE package, then it is advisable to upgrade your account to a higher bouquet before you can watch the sports programs on the Select 2 channel.

But what happens if DStv changes the channel list?

Just relax.

You do not need to rescan your DStv decoder.

The OTA feature in your GOtv decoder will automatically install and update all the new DStv sports channels on your current package.

Another interesting thing is that you do not necessarily need to upgrade your account before you can get these new channels.

Your current Multichoice account can still show new programs.

Furthermore, since you do not need to pay much to watch the GOtv Supersport Select 2 channel on DStv, it shall be available to many of the subscribers.

Therefore, be ready for thrilling viewing of action-packed sports programs on Dstv.

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SuperSport Select Channel List

Are you wondering what is the list of SuperSport Select channels on DStv?

In this section of the guide, we will show you all the SuperSport Select channels on GOtv with their corresponding channel numbers.

We will not go into details of all the channels because we have dedicated separate pages for each of them and you can find them on our website.

Here is the list of all the SuperSport Select TV channels on GOtv:

1. SuperSport Select 1: Channel number 33

2. SuperSport Select 2: Channel Number 34

3. GOtv SuperSport Laliga: Channel number 32

4. GOtv SuperSport Football: Channel number 31

5. GOtv SuperSport Maximo 360: Channel number 35

6. GOtv ESPN: Channel number 38

7. SuperSport Blitz: Channel number 30

That is all you need to know about the SuperSport Select 2 schedule guide on GOtv Africa.

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