Boot Your Dstv Decoder

How To Boot And Reboot Your DStv Decoder – Solve DStv Decoder Not Powering Up

We welcome you to another DStv guide on how you can boot and reboot your DStv decoder.

All Dstv decoders require electric power before they can work, but the fact that it must be plugged into an electric source for power does not mean it gets to work straight away.

That is why you must use the appropriate means to boot your DStv decoder.

If you want to on your DStv decoder, it is effortless, and you do not need to apply any special skills.

Even though it is not difficult to boot and reboot your Dstv decoder, you must make sure you apply the best practice.

However, this Dstv guide is focused on giving you all the required steps to switch on your Dstv receiver the right way.

Let see what you need to on your DStv decoder.

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Requirements For Booting And Rebooting Your DStv Decoder

Below are the things you need to boot your DStv decoder:

1. Electric source (power supply).

2. Your DStv remote.

3. DStv receiver power cable.

4. well fixed and connected to the tv set.

If you have the above, read below to see how to boot your decoder.

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How To Boot And Switch On Your DStv Decoder

Below are the main steps you must follow to boot or on your Dstv decoder:

1. Make sure your DStv decoder is well connected to your tv set.

2. Grab your DStv receiver AC or powered cable and plug it into a power socket.

3. Immediately after you plug it in, a red indicator light will be blinking in front of your decoder.

4. Now switch on your TV.

5. Select the source your DStv is connected through to the tv.

6. Wait till you see the DStv a screen pop up on your tv and the booting process starts.

7. After some fee minutes, your Dstv will complete the booting process, and channels will start to show.

You have powered on your Dstv decoder successfully, and you can watch any of your favorite programs.

Now, let see how you can reboot your decoder.

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How To Reboot Or Restart Your DStv Decoder

Rebooting or restarting your Dstv decoder is very important, as sometimes it is required to resume all operations on your receiver to fix channels not working.

Remember rebooting your decoder is not the same as booting it, although it passes through the same process.

The following are the steps to restart a DStv decoder:

  1. Check to see the red light indicator on your receiver is on, which means it is in a standby mode.
  2. Pick your Dstv remote.
  3. Press any button to see the light indicator shows that it’s working.
  4. Look for the power button on the remote, which is at the top or apex of it, with either red or white color.
  5. Press the power button.
  6. Switch your tv on.
  7. Select the right source of your Dstv.
  8. Once you see pictures on your screen, it means you have to restart your decoder successfully.

Those are the main steps to reboot or restart your DStv decoder.

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What To Do When Your Decoder Can’t Switch On Or Does Not Reboot

Sometimes you will come home in a hurry to watch your favorite series on Dstv, but you switch on your receiver, and it is not coming up.

When that happens, it takes away your good mood, and you keep wondering what went wrong.

If your DStv decoder is not working, it might be due to so many reasons.

Read below to find out.

Follow the steps below if your Dstv decoder is not booting:

  • Check to see if you have electricity available.
  • Connect another device to the same socket to see if it’s working.
  • If all is right, change your DStv decoder power AC or cable, make sure it’s the right voltage.
  • If the problem persists, you must visit the nearest Dstv office for repairs.

That is what you need to do when your DStv is not booting and you can’t even restart the decoder.

So you see how easy it is to boot and reboot your DStv decoder?

Now let us see some of the frequently asked questions.

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Can Dstv Receiver Be Repaired

Yes, Dstv has expert repairers at all their Multichoice offices in every country they operate.

Visit the nearest Dstv office and submit your decoder for repairs if it is faulty.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Dstv Decoder

It is possible to use another person decoder for a temporary period, but if you intend to you it for much longer, you must visit the nearest Dstv office for a change of ownership.

In that case, you become the new owner of the receiver.

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Can You Put Your DStv Smart Card In Another Receiver

All Dstv decoders have only one smart card, and you cannot insert another card for it to work.

If you have any technical problem with your Dstv smart card, visit any of these Multichoice offices close to you for card replacement.

How Do I Turn Off The Orange Light On My DStv

Anytime you see the orange light on your Dstv decoder, it indicates you have mail messages from DStv, and if you want to turn it off, all you have to do Isa read your mail messages on your Dstv decoder.

Why Is My DStv Decoder Blinking Red Light

If your Dstv decoder is blinking red light, it means your receiver is in standby mode, and you can actually press the power button on the remote to switch it on.

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What Does The Orange Light DStv Decoder Mean

When you see the orange light on your Dstv decoder, it means you have unread messages in your mail messages on your DStv decoder.

You can press the menu and navigate to mail messages and read.

Now that you know how to boot and reboot your DStv decoder, you can do it all by yourself. You do not need to call the satellite installer to do the basic things like turning on your receiver.

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