Can DStv Decoder Be Repaired

DStv Decoder Repair Guide – See How Your DStv Decoder Can Be Repaired

Do you have a faulty DStv decoder? Maybe you are wondering if you can repair your faulty DStv decoder. Often people ask me, can DStv receiver be repaired? And obviously, I guess you know the right answer to such a question.

We shall give all the answers in this DStv guide.

However, if you have such a problem with your DStv decoder, you must repair it.

The Multichoice decoder is just like any other electronic device, and at some point, it may develop some fault which will require that you send it for repairs.

Multichoice Africa has a solution for any of its customers whenever they have challenges, so they have put things in place to assist everyone with their decoder problems.

It should not be an attitude to abandoned your decoder anytime it develops some fault, as you are to send it for repairs.

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Can DStv Decoder Be Repaired

Yes, any DStv decoder that has a fault can be repaired at the nearest Multichoice service center.

Sometimes you will be given a decoder to be used while yours is being repaired, depending on your decoder’s fault.

You must make sure you submit the faulty DStv decoder to a Multichoice accredited service center for repairs.

Also, see that anytime you are submitting your decoder for repairs, you will add its smartcard with the remote to it.

As you may have seen, depending on the degree of the defect, you can repair your device.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Faulty DStv Decoder

The cost of repairing a DStv faulty receiver depends on the kind of problem with your decoder, but at first, PVR decoder with fault cost R698 be repaired.

It would be better if you visit the Multichoice service center to have your decoder be accessed, then you will be told how much to pay for repairs.

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What Causes Multichoice Decoder To Be Faulty

Here are the things that will cause your DStv decoder to be faulty:

1. If thunder strike constantly whiles your decoder is switched on, it could develop a fault.

2. When you switch off your receiver directly from the electric source on the wall, it may develop a fault.

3. Constant electric power cut could result in your DStv developing fault.

Like we have stated in the list above, there are numerous causes for the defect you may be experiencing with your device. It is always advisable to identify the main cause before you begin the repair.

That is all we have for you about repairing your DStv decoder.

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