1Magic Channel Schedule TV Guide On DStv

1Magic Channel Schedule Guide On DStv – Watch Latest 1Magic Movies Today

In today’s DStv Guide, we will show you all the telenovelas, reality shows, movies, local dramas, and current TV shows on DStv’s 1Magic channel. This is the 1Magic channel schedule guide on DStv for today/tonight. We have dedicated this particular guide to only that.

What Is 1Magic

1Magic channel on DStv Africa is one of the premium channels that is dedicated to showing the best entertainment, international realities, movies, and dramas on DStv.

With 1Magic HD on your TV, you will get the latest and best local dramas, telenovelas, and first-class international reality shows.

The table below is the 1Magic schedule guide for today, 21st June 2021:

1Magic Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

22:00The Equalizer
00:00Open Late
00:361Magic: Zone In
01:031Magic: Hits
02:301Magic: Hits
05:00Married To Medicine: Atlanta
06:00Love In The City
07:00The Talk
08:00The River
09:001Magic: Zone In
09:301Magic: Zone In
11:00Married To Medicine: Atlanta
12:00Love In The City
13:00The River
13:30The Talk
15:30I Can See Your Voice
16:30Married To Medicine: Atlanta
18:00The River
18:30All American
20:03Desus & Mero
21:30First Wives Club

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

That is very important and you need to take note.

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Is The 1Magic Channel Schedule Same For DStv All Packages

Absolutely yes. The channel schedule guide for 1Magic on Dstv is for all packages where you can watch the channel.

The 1Magic channel schedule guide for Compact Plus is the same schedule for the Premium package.

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What Channel Number Is 1Magic On DStv

On DStv Africa, you can watch 1Magic on channel number 103.

It is important to note that Multichoice may decide to change the channel number for One Magic or any other channel, so it would be best to check the current channel number on the DStv official website.

You can keep checking this page for updates on the channel number.

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What Package Is 1Magic On DStv

Currently, you can only get the 1Magic channel on the DStv Compact Plus and Premium packages.

If you are using the DStv Compact package, Family, Access, or any other package, you need to upgrade to either the DStv Premium or Compact Plus package before you can watch the 1Magic channel.

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